General Ledger Splits

If certain expenses are regularly split among several accounts based on a predetermined percentage, this optional feature may be utilized. Several splits could be defined with unique Split IDs. Adding a G/L Split can be found on Agvance  at Accounting / Setup / G/L / G/L Splits. To remove a GL Split, select the GL Split and choose Delete. A confirmation window will appear. Select Delete again to remove the GL Split.

Note: Splits used on a journal entry cannot be deleted.

  • Substitute Feature – Once a split is established for one set of G/L accounts, that allocation may be used for any set of corresponding accounts at the Journal Entry screen (as well as the A/P Bill, Recurring A/P Bill, and Recurring JE screens). For instance, a split established to spread the electric bill across Profit Centers could be used to spread the water bill across the location at the same percentage split by entering the electric Split ID then putting the root of the Water Expense G/L accounts into the Predefined Split Acct ID along with an asterisk which means that the system will substitute that portion of the split account numbers leaving the portion that the asterisk represents.