Energy Position Dashboard


The Energy Position dashboard can be used to help identify inventory position of Energy products. The Position calculation uses the unreceived amount on Purchase Orders, adds in the amount on hand, and then subtracts the amount committed to sell. The amount committed to sell includes Bookings and Product Delivery Orders. Only products that have not been invoiced and were on a Product Delivery Order are included.


This dashboard honors user restrictions based on Product Location.

View details for a Department, Location, and relevant Products over a period of time. Filter based on Department ID, Product ID, Dates, and/or Department Category, etc. Choose a date range for Purchase Orders and transactions included in the commitments to sell. The dashboard can also be filtered by selecting different areas of the dashboard. The date range for Purchase Orders uses the Purchase Order date while the date range for commitment to sell uses the Booking/Product Delivery Order dates. 

Selecting the Printer icon next to Inventory Position will navigate to the By Product - Printable Inventory tab to display a printable version of the data. The Reorder Level column displays a red dot if the Product's position is at or below the Reorder Level set up on the Product.