Energy Force Export

Create an export file of customers and/or contracts to import into Energy Force.


Go to Energy / Transfers / Exports / Energy Force. Select criteria to export on the Export Energy Force window.

  1. Select the Folder icon to browse for the Export Path.  On the Browse For Folder screen, select Make New Folder or select a folder and choose OK.
  2. When exporting customers, check the Customers option, enter a Filename and double click the Classifications field to display the Select Customer Classification window.  Highlight the classification and choose Select. Choose the option to Export ONLY custs in selected classifications, if applicable.
  3. When exporting contracts, check the Contracts option and enter a Filename.
  4. If re-exporting, select Re-export Contracts to display a grid.  Filter by Booking Date Range, Booking Number Range, Invoiced Bookings, Locations and Customers and choose Apply to populate the grid. In the Re-Export column, select the checkbox of each booking to re-export and Save to return to the Export Energy-Force window.
  5. Select the Switch IDs in File option to use Alternate Customer IDs when exporting both customers and contracts.
  6. Choose Export.