Editing & Reprinting Patron Checks

Only the Check # and Check Date may be edited at File / Open / Edit a Patron's Check. If the net dollars or any other information is incorrect, the check must be voided and re-issued.

  • Customer ID – The Customer ID represents the recipient of the check. This field cannot be edited.
  • Voided – If the check has been voided, a checkmark displays.
  • Check Date – The date selected at the Setup window when the check was issued displays here. This is the date printed on the check and can be edited.
  • Check # – This is the check number assigned to any of the various check types generated in the Patronage module. This field may be edited.
  • ACH # – If an ACH payment was made to the Patron, the ACH number for the transaction displays.
  • Check Type – The function that generated the check is indicated. It displays Patronage, (used for both the Patronage and Detail Patronage functions), Dividend, Interest (used for both Interest Check and Running Balance Interest Check), or Close Out. This field cannot be edited.
  • Net Pay – This field represents the dollar value of the net check. On Patronage and Detail Patronage checks, the amount displayed is the full dollar value issued on the check. For Dividend, Interest, and Payout Checks, the amount displayed is the amount contributed by that specific Stock Certificate. This field cannot be edited.
  • Checking GL Acct – The General Ledger account credited on the Journal Entry generated by the check transaction is indicated here. This field cannot be edited.
  • JE Num – The Journal Entry number created by the check displays here. This field cannot be edited.
  • Check Name and Address – The Patron's name and address on the check are shown. For closeout checks, this information may be edited. This address is used when a check is reprinted.

Reprinting a Patron Check

Reprint allows a Patron’s check to be reprinted. The check number may be edited to the next available check number. The date may also be edited to the current date. When a check is reprinted, the new check number is updated on the original Journal Entry, and the patronage check record and corresponding patronage history records are updated. However, the check stub detail is not included on the reprint of a patronage check.