Grower360 DTN API Keys and Site ID - SKY Admin

Cash Bids can be set up to display in Grower360 via DTN. This setup requires a separate agreement with DTN prior to setup in Agvance SKY. Reach out to a DTN sales representative to set up or verify the correct subscriptions and licensing.


Setup for specific Cash Bids including Basis information is done through the DTN online portal.

Setup for the display of the Cash Bids information is done at SKY / Admin / Grower360 / Integrations.  The DTN API Key and Site Id are required and should be obtained from DTN.  Entering this information allows Cash Bids information (determined from the DTN online portal) to display on the Grower360 login page as well as the Grower360 Overview page.

The DTN Futures API Key can optionally be entered in order to display future Cash Bids in Grower360.

  • When an API key from DTN is entered and the Cash Bid setup is completed at Admin / Grower360 / Cash Bid Setup, cash bids display on both the Grower360 Login page and Overview page.
  • When the DTN Futures API Key is entered, Cash Bid futures display on the Grower360 Login page and Overview page.
  • A Site Id is required for setting up DTN Cash bids for display on Grower360.