Scale Tickets - SKY Customer

Scale Tickets are used to track product being received. Product must be weighed and recorded on a Scale Ticket and the Scale Ticket must then be attached to an Assembly Sheet.

Select the Ellipsis button to view Scale Tickets by Ticket, Assembly, or Commodity.

The Scale Tickets tab shows all Scale Tickets for the selected customer. The quick view information displayed includes the Ticket #, Date, Commodity, Location, Gross Units, Net Units, Assembly, and the Farm.

Selecting the Eye expands the line item to display the Gross Weight, Tare Weight, Net Weight, Gross Units, Dock Units, Shrink Units, and Net Units.

Use the Search Scale Tickets field to find a specific Scale Ticket or choose the Filters icon in the top right to filter the Scale Tickets by Date Range or Commodity.

Select the Ticket # to view Scale Ticket details including Units, Weights, Grades, and Split Arrangements.