Crop Protection User Guide

Supplier e-Link provides the ability to integrate with web services made available from chemical suppliers who have followed industry-driven standards and guidelines for this type of e-commerce communication. These web services make it easier to report the sale and receipt of products by allowing product attributes and delivery notifications to be imported and Invoice information for specific program stewardship requirements to be exported.

Note: Agvance refers to suppliers as Vendors. Throughout this document, any reference to a supplier is considered a vendor within Agvance.


To use the web services, the B2B (Business to Business) Setup must be installed and set up as a shortcut on the machine using the web services. Agvance Accounting must also be installed and activated on the machine running the B2B Setup.


There are several web services available for Crop Protection Products. These include: 

  • Cost Sheet 
  • Purchase Order 
  • Purchase Order Response 
  • Electronic Delivery Notification (EDN)

Cost Sheet

The Cost Sheet import allows the retailers' cost for crop protection products to be imported into a specific cost level. 

Go to Accounting / Transfers / Import / Electronic Price sheet to change the drop-down to Cost. Select a Location, Cost Level, and check the box to optionally Update master product location instead of selected. Choose Get Costs. When updating costs from the Electronic Price Sheet utility, Agvance products can be linked to supplier products.

On the Electronic Price Sheet Details window, add a product to the Products Found list. In the Products Not Found grid, double-click on the Supplier Product Name. Select the corresponding Agvance product and Select. This sets the attribute value for the Supplier ID and Supplier UoM on the Agvance product. 

Select the Update attributes across matching products option to select products from one location and update category matching products at all locations.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order export allows retailers to send purchase orders to the supplier through web services. 

At Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Order / Add a Purchase Order on the PO Detail tab, enter a P.O. # and select the Date Requested (required). Select Apply and Save. On the Print a Purchase Order screen, select the WS XML Purchase Order option to send it directly to Winfield. 

Information entered in the Notes section of the Purchase Order are sent to the supplier as a general instruction. Information entered in the Delivery Instructions on the Ship To tab of the Purchase Order is sent as Shipping Instructions to the supplier. Delivery Type can be set to Pickup or Delivery and is communicated to the supplier.

 Purchase Order Response

The Purchase Order Response import allows retailers to verify the purchase orders in their system match the purchase orders in the supplier’s system by line. 

The Purchase Order Response is returned at any given time after the Purchase Order request is submitted and displays information comparing what is on the order in Agvance and what the supplier has in their system. If the Purchase Order is changed, Winfield will contact the retailer to explain those changes and then the retailer should update the Purchase Order manually in Agvance. This can be used to see if there are differences between the original Purchase Order and what was entered into Winfield’s system. 

Navigate to Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Order and choose View Responses to select a response to view.

Electronic Delivery Notification (EDN) Import

The EDN Import allows Electronic Delivery Notifications to be imported into Purchase Receipts. This web service allows for less data input and more accurate figures. 

Choose the appropriate supplier at Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Receipts. Because a web service is established for the supplier, a Select EDN button is available next to the supplier name on the Add a Purchase Receipt window.

Choose the Select EDN button to view the available delivery notifications in the Select EDN window. Use the Delivery Number column to search for a specific Bill of Lading number. Any EDNs previously downloaded but not saved on a Purchase Receipt are available in the list.

Select the Get New EDN’s from Web button to retrieve new EDNs available from the supplier. 

Select the EDN to import into the Purchase Receipt. The products contained within that EDN (Bill of Lading) are loaded into the grid at the bottom of the window. 

Note: A product must be cross referenced to be brought into the Add a Purchase Receipt window. Double-click the Prod Name to select an Agvance product to match the supplier’s product if no cross reference has been set. Products may be deleted from the grid by selecting the line number and pressing Delete on the keyboard. 

After the products on the EDN have been finalized, choose Select to load the products into the Purchase Receipt grid. At this point, additional products may be added to the Purchase Receipt. 

Once the Purchase Receipt is saved, the EDN is no longer available for import into another Purchase Receipt.