Capturing Patronage Activity

Qualifying sales and purchases for a specified time period are captured at Capture Activity / Agvance Activity. These values serve as the basis for the Patronage payments.

  • Clear Existing Patronage Totals
    • Clear Sales – This option clears previously captured sales.
    • Clear Purchases – This option clears previously captured Grain Purchases and Settlement Deductions/Additions.
  • Agvance Year – Select Current year data to be used when capturing the activity.
  • Select Category – Optionally select the Patronage Categories for the capture activity process.
  • Generate Yearly Patronage Totals
    • Generate Sales Totals – Select this option to capture qualifying sales invoices.
    • Start Date/End of Date – If Generate Sales Totals is selected, indicate the date range of Customer Invoices to scan for qualifying Patronage totals.
    • Generate Purchase Totals – Select to capture the qualifying Grain Purchases.
    • Start Date/End Date – If Generate Purchase Totals is selected, indicate the date range of Grain Settlements to scan for qualifying Patronage totals.
    • Generate Additions/Deductions – This option is available when Generate Purchase Totals is selected. To capture qualifying Grain Additions/Deductions (such as Storage or Drying), select this option.
  • Clear/Generate Patron Options – Depending on the Clear Existing Patronage Totals or Generate Yearly Patronage Totals selected, this clears the Patronage totals or generates yearly Patronage totals for all Patrons or one selected Patron.
    • All Patrons – Run the capture or clear for all Patrons.
    • One Patron – Run the capture or clear information for a selected Patron. When selecting this option, the Patron ID option enables the ability to select a Patron.
    • Patron ID – Double-click in the Patron ID field and choose the Patron to include in the capture. This option becomes available when One Patron is selected.
  • Pre-Scan – Optionally generate a report displaying total units and dollars per Customer.

Selecting OK imports the desired sales and/or purchase transactions. Data from the Sales Invoices or Grain Purchases is imported based on the following criteria:

  • Only Invoices or Purchases in the selected date range are considered.
    Note: Each line on Invoices and Settlements have a P (pay patronage flag) defaulted to selected. If not selected, the line total will not be captured regardless of setup options selected.
  • Only Commodities with a Location Category are considered.
  • Only Settlement Deductions with a Category are considered.
  • Only Products from departments defined by a specific Patronage Category are included in the capture.
  • All Products selected are summed by Patron and Patronage Category.
  • Dollars and quantities are captured.
  • Any Patronage Reassignments are executed during the Capture process.

How to Capture Agvance Activity

  1. Select Clear Sales and Clear Purchases.
  2. Select the Agvance Year. This is typically the current year.
    Note: If choosing the prior year database, make sure that the correct Patrons are marked active/inactive, the correct Reassignments are set up, etc. in the prior year database.
  3. Patronage Categories may optionally be selected. The default is to capture data for all Categories.
  4. Select Generate Sales Totals and enter fiscal year dates.
  5. Select Generate Purchase Totals and enter fiscal year dates.
  6. Select Generate Deductions/Additions.
  7. Make sure All Patrons is selected.
  8. Select Prescan.
  9. Choose OK. A progress bar displays while the report is being calculated. When the calculation is complete, a report displays showing totals for all Patrons.

Note: Save this report either electronically or a printed copy as most auditors will need to refer to it later.