California Prop 65 Warning Statement

Q.  In California, if products are labeled as Prop 65, also known as Proposition 65, the Hazardous Materials shipping documentation must contain clear and reasonable warnings. How can a warning be setup in Agvance to print on the Hazardous Materials shipping documentation?

A.  The warning statement may be setup at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences. On the General tab, enter the Prop 65 Warning Statement that should display on the Hazardous Materials shipping manifest when products marked as Prop 65 are being shipped.

Note: There are some variations allowed by the state of California for the Prop 65 warning.

Below is one example of the allowable warning statements:

When Agvance products are linked to a supported chemical regulatory database interface, the Prop 65 flag will be set accordingly. When not interfacing with a supported chemical regulatory database, the Prop 65 flag can be manually set on the Safety tab of each product that is regulated as such.

After the warning statement is added in Company Preferences and the products are flagged as Prop 65, the Haz Mat prints the warning statement.

The product(s) to which the statement applies will be denoted by asterisks, such as ‘**’, to the left of the product name on the Haz Mat.

Note: In addition to the setup above, the warning will only be triggered when the destination state is set to California.

Checking is done in the following hierarchy.

  • Field
  • Customer Ship To Address
  • Customer