Bayer Returns from Purchase Receipt

Submit electronic seed returns to Bayer from the Purchase Receipt area in Agvance.

Note: The quantity being returned cannot exceed the quantity on the Dealer Order.

In B2B

  1. Go to Setup / Seed Orders.
  2. Select Bayer as the Vendor.
  3. Enter as the Product Returns Web Service URL.
  4. The Seed Year Range will be updated yearly to reflect the allowable return range.

In Agvance

  1. Select Return at Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Receipt.
    Note: Under Ticket Type, RV indicates a Return and PR indicates a regular Purchase Receipt.
  2. Choose None, Product Return, or Product Haulback from the Send Message drop-down. If Product Return or Product Haulback is chosen, the Special Inst. text field will display. The Haulback message includes the Spot Price and Lot Number. The Spot Price is also saved to the Agvance database.
    Note: None is the default.
  3. Fill out the Return Purchase Receipt similar to how a regular Purchase Receipt is populated.
  4. Special Instructions will save in the database and be sent with the Return Message XML.