Barchart Futures Feed Setup

Set up Grower360 to display Barchart Futures Feed cash bids. A Grower360 Admin login is required. The Barchart Welcome email provides the required Barchart API key. See here for more information on Grain in SKY Admin for Grower360.

  1. Sign into SKY as a Grower360 admin user and select Admin
  2. Copy and paste the Barchart API Key from the Integrations section under the Grower 360 option on the left navigation menu. 
  3. In the Setup section, select Setup on the Grain card. 
  4. Select Edit on the Bid Criteria card. Grower360 determines whether to display prices by location or bid criteria based on settings in Agvance. If prices have locations set, prices are grouped by location. If using bid criteria, prices are grouped by bid criteria. If both bid criteria and locations are set, prices are grouped first by location and then bid criteria. 
  5. Turn the toggle switch to the Off position for any bid criteria that is for internal use only. This prevents the information from displaying for customers. 
  6. Choose Edit on the Cash Bids Visibility card. The information displayed is pulled from the rows in the FuturesPrice Setup grid found in the Grain module. 
    • The individual pricing rows can be toggled to On or Off to choose which prices to advertise. 
    • Each row must have a Delivery Period Start and End date as well as a Commodities Symbol for the pricing elements to display in Grower360. 
    • For rows missing the Delivery Period Start, Delivery Period End, or the Commodity Symbol information, go to Setup / Futures Month Pricing to add the appropriate dates & commodity symbols. 
    • If uncertain which commodity symbols to use, visit to look at the price feed or reach out to a Barchart representative to request a list of price feeds.