Adding a New Material Group to form-U-net

Q.  How can a new Material Group be added to form-U-net?

A.  On the Formulation window, select Material Groups / Material Group Setup / Create a new Material Group. The Create A Material Group window will appear. Enter a name for the new Material Group in the New Material Group Name text box, and select the Material Group Type. Select Create when finished. A basic set of items will already be setup for the new Material Group.

The new Material Group will display with a basic set of items established, which can be edited. Select Save Changes. The Material Group can be edited again later.

To review and make changes to the items in the group, select the Edit Selected Material Group / My Group Settings / Products in Group tab. To remove an item from the Material Group, select the Minus icon associated with the item under Products in Material Group. To add an item to the group, select the Plus icon associated with the item under Products Available to Add.  

If the item to be added is not found on the right side of the grid, it will need to be added to the form-U-net dataset in Items Information. See the form-U-net Help Manual found at the Administration / Help and Support tab and select Help Manual for more information on adding items.

The Maximum Batch Size and scale increments for the new group can be viewed and edited in Edit Selected Material Group / Edit Information. Additional information on these settings can also be found in the form-U-net Manual.