Add Minimum Quantity of Items to Blends in form-U-net

Q.  Is there a way to have form-U-net use a minimum quantity of an item in every blend?

For example, floor sweepings need moved, and every dry blend should get 50 lbs of sweeps.

A.  In this case, add an item to form-U-net for sweeps. Add the item to a dry Material Group.

In Material Groups / Edit Select Material Group / Edit Activities, edit the Lower Bound of the Sweeps item from 0.000 to 0.025, and select Save Changes. When formulating in Grade Mode, 50lbs of sweeps will be added to every ton of the blend because 0.025 multiplied by 2,000 equals 50 lbs. When formulating in Acre Mode, this example would add 50 lbs of sweeps per acre.