7.0.24640 | 12.21.2023


  • FTM-3557 / 1099 Interest Information – Two new fields were added to the Grower table (Interest for Patronage and Interest for Grain) for Analytics. At the close of December fiscal month for Grain, only the INT 1099 marked as Interest was moved to this field. These totals will be moved during this process. Values can also be modified at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Accounting / Edit Customer Balances.


  • FTM-3311 / Grain ACH Files NACHA – Based on the setting on the Customer profile (File / Open / Customer on the Grain Information tab) Grain ACH files created at A/R / Process Grain ACH will identify growers as consumer or corporate accounts. This is for standard banks, not Canadian. The ACH Type has also been added to the report generated.



  • FTM-3561 / Purchase Contract Amendments Tab – The rounding of Futures, Basis, and Cash Prices will now allow up to five decimal places. When entering a Rate on the Amendments tab of a Purchase Contract, if adjusting the Basis or Futures Price and the fee is applied to Futures or Basis, five decimals can be entered. If not, this will be four decimal places.