Use Attendance Tracking Module

  1. Set up each employee’s allotted time off at Payroll / Attendance on the Setup tab. Indicate the time in days (fractional parts of a day are allowable) or hours that each employee is allowed for each accrual period. For example, if an employee has 12 vacation days per year and the days are accrued monthly, then the number entered in the Vacation column would be 1 (1 day per month = 12 for the year).
  2. Set up for auto-posting from payroll: All Pay Categories are displayed in the grid at the bottom of the screen. Cross reference the Pay Categories with the corresponding Attendance Categories here. The conversion factor How many payroll hours equal 1 attendance unit must be filled out. As paychecks are issued, any non-zero, cross referenced Pay Category results in a corresponding entry at Payroll / Attendance on the Activity tab.
  3. Accrue employee time off at the Post Accruals tab. Set the date and select Post Accruals. Based on the entries on the Setup tab, time earned is added to the employee Activity tab. Accruals may be done monthly, annually (which would only be done once at the beginning of the year), or by pay period. Entries may be posted for all employees or can be posted for selected employees by using Select or Classifications.
  4. Manual adjustments may be made at the Activity tab by selecting the employee and the Category, then manually entering the time. Enter time used as a negative number or time added as a positive number in the Units column along with the Date and, optionally, a brief Description.
  5. An Attendance Summary report is available at Accounting Reports / Payroll / Employee.