Updated Grain Check PrintBoss Template


The PrintBoss templates for grain checks were updated to meet postal service requirements for address formatting.


Download the PrintBoss Grain Check.zip.

Copy and paste the forms over the PrintBoss Master Application, and PrintBoss will save them to the correct folders. 

Note: The best area to paste these files is the gray area beneath the word Edition above the Capturing Status pane. 

The Form/Bank Request List template must be imported as follows:

  1. From the PrintBoss Master Application (PB32.exe), navigate to Options / Form/Bank Request List.
  2. Select the Import button to open the PrntBoss/ReqList folder.
  3. Select the Agvance Patronage Detail.prq file at the root of the folder, and select Open. The entry displays at the bottom of the list.
  4. Select the old entry, and use the Minus button to remove it.
  5. Choose Close.