Tax Tables and Pay / Deduction Categories

There are several configurations and tax tables that must be setup before employees can be entered successfully. These may be done in any order prior to entering the employee information.

  • Federal Tax Tables – Both married and single tables are entered at Setup / Payroll / Payroll Tax Tables. If a constant internet connection is available, these tables may be automatically downloaded by selecting Import Fed, FICA, Medicare Info from Web button. Once imported, these numbers may be verified with the current Circular E government publication, find the Annual percentage table. If a constant internet connection is not available, contact SSI support for current information to complete these tables. The general ledger account selected should be a liability account.
    Note: The liability general ledger account must be selected on the married and single federal tables before the amounts will import.
  • FICA and Medicare – The FICA and Medicare rates, including the rate and wage amount for additional Medicare, and the FICA maximum figure are updated automatically if the federal tax tables are imported. They may be viewed or modified at Setup / Payroll / Payroll Tax Tables by selecting FICA/Medicare. The posting accounts should be set to liability accounts. The FUTA rate may also be set on this screen.
  • State Tax Tables – At Setup / Payroll / Payroll Tax Tables, choose the State option then select Add. Multiple tables may be required if your state has different married and single rates.
  • Note: Each employee file must have a valid state payroll Tax ID selected on the Deduction tab. If your state doesn’t require state income tax withholding, create a state tax table that has one row in the grid ($0 to $9999999 with 0 withheld and 0%). Contact SSI Support if assistance is needed.
  • Pay and Deduction Categories – These are defined at Setup / Preferences on the Payroll tab. The default general ledger account may be added for each Pay Category and Deduction Category. This account defaults into the employee file when adding a new employee but can be overridden if necessary. The deductions also have the option to be marked as tax-sheltered from a variety of taxes. If the tax-sheltered status is unknown, check with the plan administrator, accountant, or auditor prior to processing paychecks.