Scale Interface Overview

Agvance Scale Interface is used to capture digital scale readings in Agvance Scale Tickets. This interface can run on a stand-alone machine (connected to the scale) or a machine on the network. As much (or as little) information may be entered. The computer connected to the scale must have two com ports - the scale plugged into one, and the Scale Ticket printer plugged into the other. If multiple scales are connected to a computer, each must plug into its own separate com port to be in compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology laws and regulations which have been adopted by most states.

Note - California Users

The weighmaster certificate (SASI-California Scale Ticket format) available in Agvance Scale Interface has been approved for use in California but does not display values used in converting from weight to volume (gal). If billing by volume, a worksheet must be used to display the values that are used in the conversion. Contact the CA Div. of Measurement Standards for information on acceptable worksheet formats.

A Net Weight Only mode is available to be compliant with California regulation. On the Configure Scale Interface window on the Printer tab, the Ticket Type must be set for the SASI-California and the Default Ready for Transfer ON option on the General tab and the Scale Is Negative Hopper option on the Scale tab must be selected. This captures the Gross Weight, records the Tare Weight as zero, and assigns the Weighmaster from the Gross to the Tare. When the California Scale Interface Ticket is printed, the Tare Weight is suppressed on the document and the Gross Weight heading is changed to Net Only.