Debugging SSI Scale Interface

When the scale has been connected to the computer running the Agvance Scale Interface, a representative from the scale company should be able to fill out the fields within the outlined areas below.

Once that is done the Debug function can be used to help fill out the other fields.

To run Debug, check the Debug Scale option and Save. Create an SSIDebug folder on the C drive of the scale machine to hold the Debug file that will be created from the Scale Ticket. Next, go to Operations / Scale Ticket and the Debug Scale screen shown below will display.

With everything set up, choose Start Debug. If information starts to display on the screen, select Stop Debug.

Have someone prepared to drive up on the scale. Start the debug again, and, while the information is being collected, have the driver go onto the scale so the readings being recorded vary. After pausing on the scale briefly, have the driver exit the scale then choose Stop Debug.

Email the files in the path noted to SSI Support to review information in the files and help fill out the rest of the fields on the Configure Scale Interface window.