Sample Bag Labels and Lab Submittal Sheets

Q.  Can labels and soil lab submittal sheets be created from Agvance?

A.  Creating a Soil Test Lab in Agvance Mapping

In Mapping / Layers, select Layer Import

Set the Layer Type to Soil Test, and click on the Ellipsis button located beside Soil Test Lab.  

The Soil Test Labs window displays. Click New.

The New Lab window displays. Enter the name of the lab as it should appear on Lab Submittal Sheet printouts. Click the OK button when finished.

The lab should be listed in the grid. Choose Apply and then the OK button.

Close the Layer Import window, and then close the Mapping module and reopen it to refresh the newly added information. This completes the setup process for the lab.

Creating Soil Sample Bag Labels and Soil Test Lab Submittal Sheets

Note: Use Avery 5160/8160 labels for Sample Bag labels. The size and layout of these labels is as follows:

  • Three labels wide x ten labels tall
  • The label dimensions are 1” X 2 5/8”

Select the level in the Resource Tree (such as Grower, which will include all fields for that grower, or a specific field for a grower) for the Soil Test to be added.

Navigate to the Fertility menu, and select Sampling Work Order.

The Lab Data Properties window displays for the Sampling Work Order requested. Enter the necessary information, and choose OK when finished. This can be accessed and edited later if needed.

On the Sampling Work Order window, select the Select Fields and/or Layers button.

The Layer Filter window displays, which allows filtering for specific fields to load in the grid for sampling. To load all fields for the level selected in the tree and everything below this level, click OK.

The fields load into the grid as shown below. All buttons in the tool bar are enabled. Options include Settings, Help, Select Fields and/or Layers, Remove, Clear, Filter SampleIDs, Export, Create a Work Order, Preview Bag Labels, Preview Lab Submittal Sheet, Preview Field Sheet, and Preview Master Sheet. Set the Area per Sample to determine the grid size in acres to use as a basis for the field’s sample sites, (2.5 acre grids in the example below). Choose the lab in the Soil Lab dropdown.  

Below is a sample of the labels:

Note: The margins in Mapping are adjustable. The labels print at the very left edge of the label area by default.  To adjust margins slightly to the right, click on the left margin line and drag it to the right.

Below is a sample of the Lab Submittal Sheet: