Replicate General Ledger Accounts

This utility, found at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Accounting / Replicate GL Accounts, copies information (account type and generic parts of the ID) from existing G/L Accounts and creates new accounts with unique IDs that are user-specified.

The subtotal accounts will either be blank or will contain the same G/L accounts as the original accounts based on user preference. Before beginning the process, set up any new Profit Centers that will be assigned to the new G/L accounts at Accounting / Setup / Profit Centers.

  • Select – Select all accounts that will be replicated to new Location(s)/Profit Center(s).
  • Replace With – Double-click on the column label to add rows to the grid. Enter the digits that will be different from the existing accounts in the Replace With column in the replicated accounts. The positions of the digits to be replaced within the account number are represented by the checkboxes at the bottom of the screen. In the image above, the account numbers all have 10 digits or less. The last two digits of each replicated account number will be replaced by the numbers in the Replace With column of the grid, so the last two available checkboxes are checked.
  • Profit Center ID – Choose the Profit Center from the drop-down with which the new account IDs will be associated. If the Profit Centers are new, they should be set up before replicating accounts. If no Profit Center is desired, choose None.
  • Keep Subtotal Account – Check this box to copy the subtotal account on the existing accounts over to the newly created accounts.

Select OK to begin the replication process.