Open Futures / Options Report


Mark to Market Reports can be used to post futures and options valuations to the general ledger to help streamline the End of Month process and reduce the number of errors when posting Futures and Options. 


When using the Open Futures/Options Report, a G/L Posting Options area is available when selecting the report criteria. Futures and Options may be posted to Purchase or Sales accounts with an offset to the Unrealized Gain or Loss account. A Do Not Post option is also available, and when selected, the Open Futures/Options Report simply runs with no posting.

When the Post As Purchase or Post As Sales option is selected and after the Closing Prices are saved, the Open Futures/Options Report displays. The journal entries made when posted display in the Unrealized Gain/Loss Journal Entry Summary section of the report. When this report is closed, a message displays asking whether or not to post the journal entries to the records. 

The journal entry created also creates the reversing journal entry for the next month.