Mapping Menu - SKY Mapping

The Mapping menu allows the options to navigate, search, and take measurements in the mapping area.

Map Extent

Select Extent to navigate the Mapping window. 

  • Previous – This moves to the map boundary last viewed. If the map was not previously zoomed to a different Field boundary, this will navigate to the area of the map last viewed. 
  • Next – This moves to the next Field boundary. 
  • Full – This displays the full extent of the map. All Fields added to the Customer list will be shown.

Measure Tool

Select Measure to measure any distance in the Mapping area.

  • Area – Measure by acre, square feet, or square yard
  • Line – Measure by feet, inch, or yard
  • Lat/Lon – Change the Coordinate Format to DD or DMS.


Select Search to zoom to any location on the map.

  • City/Zip – Enter any city or zip code and choose the Search icon. 
  • Lat/Lon – Enter a specific Latitude and Longitude
  • PLSS – Enter a State, Township, Range, and Section to zoom to that location. 
  • Non-Field – Select in this field to search based on Non-Field features. Choose from the drop-down that displays. 
  • Event ID – Select in this field to search based on Event IDs. Choose from the drop-down menu.