Grain Scale Interface Moisture Testers

Q.  What GIPSA and NTEP approved moisture testers does the Agvance Grain Scale Interface work with? 

A.  SSI supports a variety of moisture testerfor use with the Agvance Grain Scale Interface. Recently, the Perten AM-5200-A Moisture Tester was added to the list of Agvance compatible appliances.  This tester and the Dickey-John GAC 2500 UGMA tester both utilize UGMA technology.  Additionally, SSI also supports non-UGMA testers, including the Dickey-John GAC 2100 and the Steinlite SL95 Moisture Tester.  All four units are GIPSA (Grain Inspections, Packers and Stockyards Administration) and NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) approved. 

Dickey-John GAC 2500UGMAPerten AM-5200-ADickey-John GAC2100Steinlite SL95

The addition of the Perten tester is the first time GIPSA has approved more than a single moisture meter for use within the official inspection system. “Permitting multiple manufacturers to design moisture meters using the UGMA technology to improve the accuracy and repeatability of grain moisture meter testing allows for competition within the instrument marketplace for the benefit of moisture meter users,” a representative of GIPSA said. Due to an ever-increasing demand to print Calibration Version Identification Numbers on scale tickets, SSI has ensured all scale ticket formats print calibration numbers. Moisture meter users are required to pass calibration numbers along to producers on a printed document. SSI will continue to work diligently to stay abreast of regulatory demands and offer customers a variety of interface choices for moisture testers. For further information, please contact SSI at 1-800-752-7912.