Formulate a Nutrient Request at a Given Ratio of Products by Weight

Q.  Can a formulation in form-U-net be setup to meet a given nutrient request by supplying equal weights of two different products?

A.  Navigate to Material Groups / Edit Selected Material Groups / Edit Data.

In the following example, a request of 40 lbs of Nitrogen per acre is requested, and it needs to be supplied using 50% Urea and 50% Ammonium Sulfate.

Note: This assumes the least cost source of Nitrogen in this group is Urea.

Right-click on a cell in the P column, and select Insert Custom Column. Enter a descriptive Name, such as ‘AMS-Eq’. Set the Input Scale to ‘100’, and choose Insert Column.

Enter ‘-2000’ in the Urea row of the new custom column and ‘2000’ in the Ammonium Sulfate row of the same column. Select Save Changes.  

Select Edit Selected Material Groups / Edit Restrictions. Double-click in the newly created custom row, and change the restriction name, similar to ‘AMS-Eq (0=Yes)’. Optionally, change the restriction code in the Code column to reflect the name in the Edit Data table. Select Save Changes

The Formulation window now contains the AMS-Eq nutrient. For a formulation resulting in half Urea and half Ammonium Sulfate to supply the Nitrogen request, enter ‘40’ in the Nitrogen restriction and ‘0’ in the new restriction, and select Submit Request.