Field Op Folder Structure

Q.  What is the correct folder structure when importing field data?

A.  Although Agvance Mapping was built to support the insertion and detection of actual device cards, data can be archived from files saved to a local machine. Below is a description of the folder structure each card manager requires. Have the location selected where ‘Folder’ is shown below.

  • AgLeader (any): Folder > data files (.yld, .ilf, or .agdata)
  • CNH Voyager: Folder > .cnh folder
  • CNH Voyager 2: Folder > .cn1 folder
  • Deere Apex Harvest Shapefiles: Folder > .dbf, .shp, .shx, .txt
  • Deere GSD and GSY: Folder > pfdata folder (for single client cards); Folder > cl0xxxx folder (for
  • multi-client cards)
  • Deere GS2: Folder > RCD folder
  • Deere GS3 : Folder > GS3_2630 folder > profile folder > RCD folder
  • Falcon RPT: Folder > data files (.rpt)
  • Hemisphere Aerial GPS: Folder > data files
  • Precision Planting 20/20: Folder 1 > Folder 2 > data files (.dat)
  • Raven RBin: Folder > data files (.rbin)