Bank Deposit Entry should not be Posted

The following outlines how to clear a line from the Bank Deposit window without affecting the General Ledger. It is recorded as an entry that can be reversed at the Select a Deposit window.

  1. Tag the line item(s) under the Post column not to be deposited and choose Mark Deposited
  2. A message will display asking to confirm the tagged records should be marked as deposited without affecting the General Ledger.  Select Yes
  3. Another message will appear confirming the tagged lines have been posted.  The lines selected have been removed from the Make a Deposit grid. 

This process can be reversed at the Select a Deposit window by selecting Mark as Deposits from the Deposit Type drop-down and choosing Apply.  

  1. Highlight the transaction and choose Reverse
  2. A window will display to confirm the appropriate transaction is being reversed.  Select Reverse
  3. Choose Add to see the previously removed lines now show in the grid again.