Attachment Editor

Add shapes, lines and dimensions to an existing map. Select Close to close the Attachment Editor and remove it from the Mapping toolbar.

Save – Save any mapping changes.
Undo – Undo the last change up to the most recent save.
Add Text – Add a text attachment anywhere in the Mapping window.
Add a Polygon – Add a freeform or free-drawn polygon attachment.
Add a Line – Add a line attachment.
Add a Rectangle – Add a rectangle attachment.
Add a Circle – Add a circle attachment.
Add an Ellipse – Add an ellipse attachment.
Add a Dimension – Add a dimension attachment. This line only appears when Dimensions is toggled On from the Mapping pane toolbar.
Add a Location – Add a lon/lat location attachment. This creates a point on the map specifying the latitude and longitude of the point.
Properties – Edit the properties of the selected attachment.
Delete All – Erase all attachments created for this map.
Delete Selected – Delete the selected attachment.