Add to Equity and Equity Transfer - Add Certificate

Add to Equity

Equity value may be added to or subtracted from stock at Patronage / Transfer Equity / Add to Equity. This process modifies the equity balance and recalculates the per share value.

  • Date – Enter the transfer date. The system date is the default.
  • Certificate # – Double-click to select a Stock Certificate from the Select Stock Certificate window. The first and last name of the Patron associated with the selected Stock Certificate displays in the area to the right of the Certificate number.
  • Total $ Amount – Enter the dollar increase in total value.
  • Number of Shares – Enter the increase in number of shares.
    Note: Enter either Total $ Amount, Number of Shares, or both.
  • Cash on Hand – This is the default cash on hand G/L account from the current Location.
  • Check Number – Enter the check number for the deposit.
  • Comments – Enter comments to be saved on the Stock History record created.
  • Number of Shares – This option displays the current number of shares on the selected Stock Certificate.
  • $ Per Share – This option displays the current dollar value per share on the selected Stock Certificate.
  • Total Value – This option displays the current total dollar value per share on the Stock Certificate.
  • Print Equity Documents – Optionally select to print an equity receipt.
  • Load Set/Save Set – Select Save Set to save the information entered. Load Set can later be used to retrieve the saved information so it does not have to be re-entered each time the window is opened.

Add to Equity Posting Notes

Upon saving the transaction, the following posting occurs:

  • On the Stock Certificate the Total $ Value is updated by Total $ Amount entered. The # of Shares on the Stock Certificate is updated by the Number of Shares entered. The $ Value per Share on the Stock Certificate is recalculated.
  • Stock History is updated.
  • A General Journal Entry is posted to the current month.
General Ledger EntryDebitCredit
Add to Cash on HandCash on Hand Account (selected at Equity window) 
Add to Equity Stock Class equity account (Setup / Stock Class)

How to Add to Equity

  1. Enter the date of the transfer. The default is the system date.
  2. Double-click to select the Certificate to which equity is being added.
  3. Enter the Total $ Amount of the equity increase.
  4. Enter the number of shares being added to the stock shares.
  5. Select the Cash on Hand account to be affected.
  6. Enter the Check Number if available.
  7. Enter Comments that are saved to Stock History.
  8. Select the Print Equity Documents option to print documents.
  9. Choose Post.

Equity Transfer - Add Certificates

This option at Patronage / Transfer Equity / Equity Transfer - Add Certificates creates new Certificates when an Equity Transfer is done, eliminating the need to set up the Certificates prior to transferring equity.

  • Patrons – Optionally select the Patrons.
  • Stock Classes – Select the Stock Classes to be transferred.
  • No Partial Transfers – If partial transfers are not allowed, select this option.
  • Date Issued – Enter the date to be the issued date on the Stock Certificates.
  • Class – Select the Class for the new Certificates. Only Stock Certificates set to Auto Number are available for selection.
  • Post – Select to transfer the equity from the selected Stock Classes to the newly created Certificates.