Action Menu - SKY Mapping

Add data to Mapping Premium using the Action and Mapping menus. The Action menu allows the option to navigate and create data elements for each Field. 


  1. Select Fields to access all Fields available to view.
  2. Choose the customer name to expand the list of Fields for that customer. 
  3. Select a Field name to choose the Field which is indicated by a darker gray color and a green bar to the left of the name. 
  4. Select either a Field or multiple Fields at a time. A number displays next to the customer name indicating the number of Fields currently selected.


Each level in the list has a Vertical Ellipsis icon to open the View and Edit menu options available.


After selecting a customer and Field(s), choose Recs to calculate recommendations for Application and/or Planting

Note: Designate Application Zones and, when opening a Blend Ticket in Dispatch or Apply, the Application Zones are automatically included on the Work Order and available to dispatchers, sales staff, and applicators. When specifying a partial area of a field to be treated, applicators can confirm the correct acres and area of the field.


  1. Select Events to create data events.
  2. Choose an input option: Application, Harvest, Irrigation, Planting, Sampling - Soil, Sampling - Tissue, Scouting, or Tillage.
    Note: Scouts can select multiple conditions, enter observations, and collect data by point, tracking, freehand zones, or whole field. Pressure ratings can be recorded and photos captured for each observation. Print or email completed reports directly to the grower.


  1. Choose Layers to display each Event or Recommendation layer created for the selected Field. 
  2. Select the layer in the list to view any layer in the Mapping screen.

Import Boundaries and Data

  1. Select Import to import boundaries, monitor data, or soil-sampling data to a Field(s). Choose Upload Files
  2. Select the Data Type and Format Type from the drop-down menus. 
  3. Browse to select a file or drag and drop the file in the designated area and select Upload.


Select the Hide/Show icon to hide the menu to view the Mapping window in an extended view.