7.0.25870 | 07.02.2024



  • FTM-3824 / Bayer B2B Haulback Message – A new haulback message has been added to Purchase Receipt returns. When adding a return at Inventory / Purchase Receipts, a checkbox for Send Product Haulback Message is available and provides a drop-down to choose None, Product Return, or Product Haulback. These were requested by Bayer to specifically include Spot price and Lot Number. The Spot Price is also saved to the Agvance database.


  • FTM-3913 / PMR Export Products – The PMR Export at Transfers / Export / PMR correctly tracks what line items have been exported to the PMR reporting so that when changes to setup happen, it is known what lines were exported.



  • FTM-3858 / Grain Settlement Documents – New options have been added on the Location tab at Setup / Preferences. These preferences have default values so they can be used from the API before the Grain application is deployed to an end user. To generate the Settlement document, it is part of the Settlement Contract endpoint. The ToDPR for this document is Settlement Document with anything being filled in for the contract. The API will return the Settlement number in that contract position.



  • FTM-3838 / User Roles During End of Month – A new feature has been added to the User setup (Batch Assign Role at Setup / Users). This allows for temporarily changing Users' Roles to one that is restricted, allowing the End of Month process to proceed. Once the month is closed, use this same tool to change the Users back to their original Roles. A specific list of Users can also be locked out so their Roles do not change.


  • FTM-3662 / Open Purchase Orders – Purchase Orders can now be used when adding a Product to an inbound record.
    Note: Including the PO number information in the BOL list in Agvance Accounting will be completed in a near future sprint.