7.0.24790 | 01.23.2024


  • FTM-3603 / ACH Email – Vendors can now have multiple ACH email addresses. When bills are paid for these ACH vendors, all of the Vendor's email addresses will be added to the To list of the email and sent the same information as what was sent in the past.



  • FTM-3607 / Tank RRN Attribute – When the new Use Energy Force Tank RRN Attribute when posting API Tank Readings option is enabled at Energy / Setup / Preferences, the API will use the TankNumber property to search the Tank RRN # Attribute specified in the Setup Energy Force window to determine the Tank to update. When this option is NOT enabled (the default), the property will continue to search the Tank serial number in the Agvance database.


  • FTM-3614 / AgLogic Authentication Methods – The authentication methods used to integrate to AgLogic have been updated to support the OAuth 2.0 required by John Deere. This will require logging into the account from the Setup window in the Hub.  If attempting to save a Blend Ticket with Custom Applied or Loaded fields selected based on the setup and the new credentials cannot be validated, a message will display indicating the credentials need updated by navigating to the setup or continue without updating AgLogic. Once the new credentials are entered, there will be no difference how the application functions.