Positive Pay Export

A Positive Pay file may be set up and exported from Agvance in eighteen File Types.

File Types

File Type

Accepted By

Format 1Key Bank, Rabobank, Dacotach Bank
Format 2Co-Bank
Format 3US Bank
Format 4Nicolet Bank
Format 5Bank of the West
Format 6Bank of America (CashPro Format)
Format 7Bank of Montreal
Format 8Wells Fargo
Format 9First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust
Format 10Commerce Bank
Format 11Fairfield National Bank
Format 12Banterra Bank
Format 13Bank of America
Format 14Wells Fargo
Format 15Regions Bank
Format 16Bank of Montreal (option to export to CAD or USD)
Format 17Branch Banking and Trust Company
Format 18UMB Bank
Format 19BMO Harris Bank


In Accounting, navigate to the Setup tab at Transfers / Export / Positive Pay.

For Format 1, 8, 10, 12, 13, or 19,  enter the Bank ID, which is provided by the bank.
If using Format 2 - 7, or 9, 11, or 14 -18, the Bank ID is not required. 

In the grid, select the G/L Account(s), and enter the corresponding Bank Account #(s). When all necessary accounts are added, select Save

The G/L Accounts selected on the Setup tab display on the Export tab.

  • Bank ID – Enter the Bank ID to be included in the export file. This ID is optional for some formats.
  • G/L Account – Double-click to select the G/L account that represents that bank account.
  • Bank Account # – Enter the bank account number to be included in the export.

If an export file is created incorrectly, Undo Transfer allows the checks to be unmarked as Transferred so they can be included in a later transfer file.



  • File Path – Enter the path where the file is saved. Optionally use Browse to navigate to the path.
  • File Name – Enter the name of the export file.
  • File Type – Select the file type being created. The options are Format 1 through Format 18. See the File Types tab for the banks currently supported by these formats.
  • Export Range – Select to export based on a Check Date range or a Check Number range.
  • Tag All / Untag All – These control selecting the accounts in the grid to be exported.
  • Load Set / Save Set – Using Save Set allows the settings to be remembered for the export. Load Set allows selecting the Save Set to recall the settings.
  • Export – Choosing this creates the export file.

Once the checks are loaded into the grid, select Undo Transferred to select the checks to be unmarked.


  • When using Format 8, only one Bank Account per export file is allowed. If multiple G/L Accounts are marked for export, only the first one in the list is included.
  • If using Format 2, the File Name must have a .txt extension.  
  • When Check Date is selected, the Starting Check # and Ending Check # columns on the grid do not display.
  • A check is only included in the export file one time. Once exported, it will not be included again even if the check falls within the selected range.