Import Secondary Sales

The Import Secondary Sales feature was designed to import data from a secondary source. It requires the import file to be in a CSV format. With a proper format, a secondary (non-Agvance related) set of data may be captured into Agvance. Please consult SSI Support Staff before using this feature and for the file format.

  • Patronage Category – Double-click to choose the Agvance Patronage Categories to use.
  • Cross Ref Category – Enter the cross-reference category next to each corresponding Patronage Category.
  • Import File Location – Select File Browse to choose the location of the file to be imported.
  • CustID Match On – Choose an option from the drop-down for the location of the information Agvance should use to match up the Customer in Agvance with the information in the non-Agvance data. If Attribute is selected, the lower drop-down field is enabled to select the specific Attribute.
  • Import – Select to import the sales information from the file selected.

How to Create the File

  1. Import data into Excel.
  2. Sort data into four columns in the following order: Customer ID, Patronage Category, Units, Dollars.
  3. A Patron cannot have more than one row per Category.
  4. Customer IDs must reference either the Customer ID or the Customer Cross-Reference in Agvance.
  5. Save as a .csv file.
    Note: The file cannot contain a header record.

How to Import the Data File

Note: If Support becomes involved in Importing Secondary Sales, the time is billable at the current hourly rate.

  1. At Patronage / Capture Activity / Import Secondary Sales, select the location of the import file.
  2. In the CustID Match On area, select the CustID match from the import file to Agvance.
  3. Indicate the Patronage Categories to be used on the import.
  4. Insert the character reference in the Cross Ref Category that will match the Patronage Category to the import file category.
  5. Select Import.
  6. If an error report is generated, modify the Excel file and retry the import.