September 2023 SKY Release Notes


  • SKYW-3324 / Reset Password – Company Admins can now reset user passwords.
  • SKYW-3420 / Disable MFA Status – An option to Disable MFA Status is now available under the Ellipsis for each User listed.


  • SKYC-2955 / Unassign All Jobs - Applicators – There is now an option to unassign all jobs for an Applicator under the Ellipsis.
  • SKYC-2947 / Sell From/Ship From – The Ship From Location, Ship From Department, and Sell From Location now include the ID and Description of the Locations/Department.
  • SKYC-2894 / Blend Ticket Numbers Product Totals – Blend Ticket numbers are included at the bottom of the PDF upon selecting Save Product Totals as PDF.
  • SKYC-3029 / Sort PDFs in Order Jobs are Selected – When generating PDF documents, tickets will be listed in the order they are selected.


  • SKYC-2925 / Requested Date – The Requested Date can now be removed from the Blend Ticket.
  • SKYC-2622 / Multi-Select Tickets – Multiple tickets can now be selected to change the status to Ready or On Hold.


Version 3.18


  • HW-9650 / Batch Moisture Calibration – The Batch Moisture Calibration works as expected.
  • HW-10327 / Sampling - Batch – The Auto Batch Sampling point placement feature adds points when fields are spatially distant from each other and works as expected.
  • HW-10514 / Import - Planting – Imported Planting Events with zones with no Product Mix save as expected.
  • HW-10595 / Yield Calibration – Selecting Apply multiple times in the same session of the Yield Calibration process works as expected.
  • HW-10610 / Convert Rec to Event – The Season of the Convert to Event option always uses the Rec's Season rather than the calendar year for both the Manual and Equation Rec options.


  • HW-10577 / Offline Layers – The Equation Rec surfaces display a single surface per Nutrient Rec when using the Offline Layers feature as expected.
  • HW-10591 / Field Setup – Mobile Boundary edits display the expected Edit Offset behavior.

Version 3.17


  • HW-9874 / Import Product Rec from File – Third party Product Rec files for single and Batch Equation Recs can now be imported. A new Equation Set called Rx File Import Equation Set has been added to the main Equation Rec panel for this purpose.
  • HW-10339 / Merge Events – When merging Events to create a single Event, the Avg Rate displays in the Product Mix as expected.
  • HW-10354 / SKY Scouting Report – Crop details are now displayed in a new Crop section at the top of each Site page. When the Display Photos option is selected, all crop level photos are added to the Crop section.
  • HW-10357 / SKY Application Report – The Total Product for imported Application Events is now displayed below the Applied Acres for the SKY Application Report Product Rate and Target Rate options.
  • HW-10463 / Spatial Import Surface Layers – The Loadsheet works as expected when importing a Spatial Sampling Event with different sampling depths.
  • HW-10522 / Layers Split Screen Compare – Improvements were made to the Split Screen Compare tool. Statistics for multiple areas can now be obtained simultaneously. This behavior updates the Min, Max, and Avg stats as the combined metrics for all polygons selected.
  • HW-10547 / Import Imagery – Importing UAV photogrammetry works as expected.
  • HW-10607 / Analysis Layer Management Area – The Crop and Crop Purpose selection values in Management Areas are displayed as expected.
  • HW-10616 / Equation Rec Product Total – The Product Total input works as expected.
  • HW-10621 / Combine Fields – Selecting unlinked Agvance Fields within the Combine Fields area works as expected.


  • HW-10450 / Equation Rec Restrictions – Improvements were made on Application Events converted from an Equation Rec and now work as expected.
  • HW-10505 / Fertilizer Blends – Improvements were made to the Fertilizer section and Chemical Mix types within the Application Event and Rec. When multiple products are selected for Fertilizer and/or Chemical Mixes, the GA/Mix is automatically locked upon selecting Done. When the Mix is open again, the GA/Mix defaults to locked. When adding a new product, a prompt displays to disable Lock GA.


  • SV-1435 / Select Ship From on Blend – Select a Ship From Location for Products on a Blend.
  • SV-1441 / Seller Signature – For Booking Contracts, Seller Signatures can now be applied.
  • SV-1434 / Lot Number on Deliveries – A Lot Number can now be selected on a Delivery if already set up in Agvance.