September 2022 SKY Release Notes


  • SKYW-1853 / Energy Reorders – Allow requests to be entered for refilling tanks in Grower360 (see here for more on this process). Additionally, Subscriptions can be created to receive tasks to start orders when Energy orders are requested from Grower360 (see here for more on this function).
  • SKYW-2969 / Field Service Requests – Mark Field Service Requests as resolved in SKY.


  • AN-1235 / Grower Summary Dashboard – A new dashboard is available in the Customer section of Analytics giving a Plan summary and breakdown of the quantity of products and money on the products.


  • SKYC-2206 / Select Delivery Drivers – Select Delivery Drivers on the General tab under Personalize.
  • SKYC-1913 / Sending VRT Files – Send VRT files to Slingshot accounts from Dispatch. For more information, see here.


  • SKYW-1853 / Refill Tank – Enter a request to refill a tank from the Energy Tank Summary page in Grower360. See here for more on that process.
  • SKYW-2621 / Booking Usage – An additional tab is available called Booked Product summarizing all Booking information by product. Additional options are available and more information can be found here.


Version 2.18


  • HW-9304 / Sampling Scan – Optionally toggle on Scan Code on Collect to give the ability to scan a QR code once at a sampling site to link the soil sample bags to the sample number on the app.
  • HW-9418 / Scouting Update Site Display – The naming convention has been updated to read Entire Field when the field is selected.
  • HW-9522 / Photo Capture – Adding a photo to a Scouting Event works as expected.
  • HW-9510 / Person List Filter – The Person List in the mobile app displays as expected.
  • HW-9318 / Web Sync – The mobile app syncs to match the web app as expected.


  • HW-8968 / Report Book Options – Report configurations not used previously can now be deleted.
  • HW-9524 / Import Onsite Data – Importing onsite data works as expected when the customer name includes the word planting.
  • HW-9501 / Loadsheet Display – The Loadsheet report displays as expected.
  • HW-9495 / Equation Rec Display – Controller provide correct product names as expected.
  • HW-9467 / Multi Field Rec Loadsheet – On a multi-field load sheet, the report now defaults to a standard pricing unit.
  • HW-9498 / Reset Composite Numbering – Layers are reset to each sample ID as expected.

Version 2.17


  • HW-8962 / Scouting Swipe Option – In a Scouting Event, there is a swipe option with an Info button on each observation. Selecting Info will show photos of the selected observation as well as hyperlinks to the photo source website with additional information.
  • HW-9447 / Low Data Coverage – Connecting in low data coverage areas works as expected.


  • HW-9295 / Alias Search – The ability to search by Alias Name has been added to the Search function in the Grower list.
  • HW-9150 / Equation Recs – The ability to change pricing without needing to edit the Blend has been added. There is also an option to clear a Blend which gives the ability to quickly change from a Blend to a single product in an Equation Rec.
  • HW-9518 / Boundary Uploads – Performance on Boundary uploads has been improved.
  • HW-9301 / Import Event – Creating Harvest Events works as expected.
  • HW-9077 / Customer Setting Up Salesperson – When adding a new Salesperson in SKY Mapping, the prior salesperson is now removed from SKY Mapping automatically.
  • HW-9500 / Report Books – Report Books have been updated to include all reports that have data to generate a report. If a report that is requested does not execute due to missing data, a Report Book error will appear that includes both the report name and reason for error. The time stamp for Report Books has also been updated an will now reflect the user's specific time zone.


  • SV-266 / Agronomy Templates – Use templates in Order to easily create Blends and Plans consistently and efficiently. See here for more information on utilizing this feature.