October 2023 SKY Release Notes


  • AN-2511 / Negative Invoice Line Items Dashboard – The Negative Invoice Line Items dashboard under Accounts Receivable gives the ability to see credit Invoices sorted by customer.


  • SKYC-3035 / Full Boundary with Application Zone – The full Field boundary on the map can be displayed along with the Application Zone from SKY Mapping to help direct the Applicator to the Application Zone.


  • SKYW-3283 / Grower Order Bookings – Grower Order Bookings are not eligible for payment in Grower360.


Version 3.21


  • HW-9570 / Fields Panel – Performance improvements were made with loading and searching for customers and fields in the Fields panel.
  • HW-9801 / Manual Rec – The Manual Application Rec supports the entry of a null rate as expected.
  • HW-9994 / Import Harvest – Creating Harvest Events associated with large fields works as expected. Additionally, performance improvements were implemented and surfaces are now rendered faster for larger fields.
  • HW-10331 / Automated Imports Sampling – Support has been added for importing shapefiles with results. Contact Support about the soil testing lab's use of this feature.
  • HW-10446 / Sampling Display Layer – A new context menu was added to the right of the Display Layer drop-down for Sampling Events. Within this menu, an additional Edit Layer Properties context menu is available. This option displays a window which includes all Layers and Surfaces in a drop-down giving the ability to choose the Surface Layer displayed for the Sampling Event. The list of Layers is the same as what is displayed in the Split Screen Compare window (unsupported display types are excluded). The list of Surfaces displays after the Layer is selected. Any changes made and saved update the Surface layer. Additionally, the X has been replaced with a Remove option within the context menu.
  • HW-10501 / Tillage and Planting – Using the Tillage Event when creating Zones works as expected. 
  • HW-10609 / Report Books – When the new Individual Report Book checkbox has been selected (added to Report Books), the Report Book being created produces one PDF per field.
  • HW-10637 / Equation Rec Batch Edit Recs – Product changes within a Product Rec for Batch Edit Recs works as expected.
  • HW-10731 / Large Customer Performance Improvement – An improvement was made for large customers with many fields in the display of the field-centroids on initial login.
  • HW-10784 / Equation Rec – Equation Recs support and calculate rates as expected when using the Trash Can to delete a single product or Clear Blend on a Blend and adding a new Product or Blend.


  • HW-10061 / Sampling – Depth value edits are saved as expected for the Soil Sampling Event. With the Allow Collection with Results setting active while viewing Soil Sampling Event with results, additional depths cannot be added.
  • HW-10542 / External GPS Wifi-Only iPad – GPS works as expected when a device goes to the iOS Auto-Lock status and GPS is active.
  • HW-10592 / Scouting – When attempting to save or copy an Event with duplicate Observations, the duplicates are removed and the Event can be saved or copied.
  • HW-10594 / Events Edit Save on Event – Saving edits in a Scouting Event works as expected.
  • HW-10657 / Sampling iPad Only – Sampling Events with results can be closed on iPads as expected upon tapping Done.
  • HW-10762 / Field Setup – A validation of overlapping boundaries was implemented when selecting Save upon adding/editing a Field. If validation fails, an alert message is returned.

Version 3.20


  • HW-9435 / Yield Calibration – The number of Fields and the total field boundary area of all selected Events now displays in the header of the Yield Calibration screen. Additionally, for all Yield Adjustment Type options (Total, Average, and Percent Increase and Decrease), the Apply button is disabled until a value is entered in the Yield textbox.
  • HW-9483 / Event Summary DGG Polygon Based Stats – New DGG-based stat records are generated within the Event Summary table for existing, edited, and new imported Harvest, Planting, and Application Events. The Field acres next to the Year and Crop for an Event come from the coverage data. These values now reflect those stored in the grid/DGG data using a weighted average. For new Events and resurfaced Events, all stats in Yield Calibration were updated using the Grid/DGG stats rather than Coverage stats and the label Coverage Area was replaced with Harvested Area. Existing Events will continue to display the Coverage Area label along with Min, Max, Avg, Total, and Harvested Area.
  • HW-10037 / Data Exchange Direct API Connection to Raven – A direct integration has been implemented with Raven Slingshot API using Raven Access Keys. Sync files to a specific From Date on the Raven Slingshot screen. Files are retrieved and arranged by date in descending order.
  • HW-10507 / Notifications Settings and Display Page – Access is now available to the same settings and notifications that is available in the mobile app. The Receive Notifications section has been renamed Notification Settings on the Preferences page. In the Notification Settings section, two areas are available - Reports and Sample Results - with options for Web In-App and Mobile In-App. Web In-App is the default for both sections. The Reports section additionally has a checkbox for Email which defaults to the user's existing email set up. Furthermore, a new Notifications menu was added with an associated User Role. To the right of this menu, a badge count is displayed indicating the number of processed reports. Access Report Notifications under the new Notification menu. Report Notification links within this menu download the PDF report. Sample Result links navigate to the Layers tab with the first Surface Layer selected and displayed.
  • HW-10620 / SKY Reports Header Styling – A max width and height were added for the top logo on the new Format reports which allowed additional width for the Grower, Farm, and Field information in the right header. All text displayed below the report title is now centered.

Version 3.19


  • HW-9735 / Application Event/Rec Service Product Support – Improvements were made to Product Applications including the ability to track costs associated with Product applications. Additionally, a new Unit Type was added called Pricing Unit - Service as well as six new unit records (ac, ea., lb., gal, oz, and ton). Support has also been added for products that are of the Service Parent Product Type which do not have a density or physical state with Manual and Equation Application Recs and the Application Event.
    Note: The following changes support the new Pricing Unit - Service Unit Type:
    • Rate and Rate Unit inputs have been removed.
    • If ac is selected as the Unit for a Service product, Zone Acres are added to the Total input calculation.
    • If ea is selected, a value of 1 is added to the Total input calculation.
    • If selecting lb, gal, oz, or ton, the Total input is null and a prompt will display to enter a value to enable the Product Mix Save button.
    • When prices are entered for a Service product, the Cost/Ac and Total Cost adjustment totals ignore Service products and the quantities are not adjusted.
    • If adjustments go below the total service cost, the nonservice Product rate and totals are negative and the Save button is disabled.
  • HW-10222 / Equation Rec Adjust on Edit – The View/Edit function for an Equation Rec displays the Nutrient Recs that were visible originally as expected. Additionally, closing the Rec after an adjustment works as expected.
  • HW-10342 / Import Application – Imported Application Events' Product Mix Avg Rates display as expected.
  • HW-10534 / SKY Field Record Notebook Report – A new report has been added called SKY Field Record Notebook. This report has options for Season, Crop, Orientation, Base Map, and Custom Imagery. A Crop filter sorts for the selected crop within the Crop Zone Management area. Print in either Landscape or Portrait via the Orientation option. The Base Map can be changed within the report. Additionally, the report is a single PDF per Customer and is ordered by Farm, Field, Crop, and Crop Purpose.
  • HW-10639 / Equation Rec Rx Import File – The Rx import works as expected.


  • HW-9984 / Application Event/Rec Service Support – Mobile support for Service Products was implemented.
  • HW-10319 / Notifications – The new report notification feature works as expected.
  • HW-10559 / SKY Field Record Notebook Report – Support for the new SKY Field Record Notebook Report has been implemented. For more on the report, see HW-10534 above.
  • HW-10632 / Sampling - iPad Only – Copying Sampling Events works as expected.


  • SV-1287 / Edit Blends – Unprocessed (not invoiced), not loaded Blends can now be edited.