May 2023 SKY Release Notes


  • SKYC-2800 / Location Preference Setup – A Location Preference Setup area is available under Dispatch in SKY Admin. The Show Product Detail in Grower Notification Emails option is defaulted to off for each location. For more information, see Dispatch Management - SKY Admin.


  • AN-1991 / Sales by State Dashboard – The Sales by State dashboard, now available under Accounts Receivable, shows the sales and profit by state and county.
  • AN-2249 / Unfulfilled Booking Dashboard Customer Information – Booking detail is now available for each product including the customer, Booking number, comments, etc.


  • SKYC-2614 / Delivery Ticket Grid – The grid available for Blend Jobs has been implemented for Delivery Jobs to allow for more customization, sorting, and filtering.
  • SKYC-2708 / Delivery Ticket Requested Date – The Requested Dates for Delivery Tickets can now be edited.


  • SKYC-2345 / Custom Tag Filter – Blend Tickets in Inform now have Custom Tag as an optional filter.


Version 3.10


  • HW-9730 / Nutrient Targets – Performance improvements were made to Nutrient Targets.
  • HW-10199 / SKY Reports Header and Footer – A new option is available for SKY Reports called Original Format. When this option is checked, the report prints like in previous releases. When unchecked, the new header/footer design is used. The default is for this option to be turned off. The following are the changes made to the reports based on orientation:
    • Portrait
      • The Grower/Farm/Field in the top left displays in the top right.
      • The logo in the bottom left displays in the top left.
      • The report name displays in the upper center.
      • Items not related to the field information that were to the right of the Grower/Farm/Field on the left display beneath the header.
      • The date and time in the lower left use a black font.
    • Landscape
      • The logo on the bottom left displays in the top left.
      • The Grower/Farm/Field in the top left displays beneath the logo.
      • Items not related to the field information under the Grower/Farm/Field display beneath the header.
      • The date and time in the lower left use a black font.
  • HW-10197 / Nutrient Recs – Saving a Product Rec with a complete credit of Nutrient Rec retains the zero rate for the Avg Rate as expected. Removing the complete credit of Nutrient Rec for a Blend brings back the original Product rates and Product total as expected. Additionally, the Min Rate displays as zero after initially applying credits and saving the Product Rec.  Furthermore, changing the Minimum Settings to Apply Zero When Below Minimum on a complete credit of Nutrient Rec works as expected.
  • HW-10268 / SKY Recs Report – All parameters within an Application or Planting Equation Rec are displayed regardless of whether they have no value or are False.
  • HW-10278 / Sampling Display Layer – On the Events tab and in Split Screen Compare, the Display Layer defaults to Dry Yield. Additionally, when an Event is selected within the Display Layer drop-down, it displays the Event's default surface at the top of the list.
  • HW-10282 / Data Exchange – Data Exchange with MyJohnDeere works as expected.
  • HW-10320 / Import Imagery – Importing imagery for Customers associated with multiple Locations works as expected.


  • HW-9538 / Sampling Workflow in Application Coordinators – The primary Sampling logic (Soil and Tissue) has been removed from the mobile Application Coordinator and was structured into coordinators in a manner similar to other Events and Recs.
  • HW-10189 / Sample Results Notifications – Improvements were made to the Sample Results data retrieval. If a field is selected then the Sample Results notification link is chosen, the app navigates to the Layers tab and displays the first Surface Layer for the Event along with the results.
  • HW-10232 / Harvest Summary - Multi Field Report – The Harvest Summary - Multi Field report has been added to the mobile app. This report includes a Season option, a Start and End Date, and Crop filters. The Number of Seasons option gives a drop-down with a range of 2-20 and defaults to three.
  • HW-10233 / Original Format Option – The Original Format option has been added to the mobile app for all SKY reports. The default is for this option to be off.
  • HW-10248 / Report Improvements – Improvements have been made to Report behavior including real-time status updates. Additionally, when a report in-app banner is displayed upon completion of a task, the Reports tab displays the status of the report as Completed as expected. When choosing a report that has completed, the report opens as expected.
  • HW-10271 / New Activity Since Customer Download – Newly added data within the mobile app is included in the Send Issues feature as expected.
  • HW-10294 / Application Event/Rec – When creating a chemical Application Event and selecting a chemical Mix Type for the Application Event or Rec, the app works as expected.

Version 3.09


  • HW-9173 / Imagery with Larger Spatial Sizes – The imagery import has been improved and permits a minimum of 5k acres (7.8 square miles).
  • HW-9657 / Analysis Layers Normalized Yield – A new Batch Analysis Layers option is available under the Batch Analysis menu option in Layers called Normalized Yield. Imported Harvest Events can be selected from the Events tab that are to be included in the batch session. A Normalized Yield Layer is created for all selected fields with the imported Harvest(s) selected. If at least one imported Harvest Event is not selected, a prompt will display indicating a Harvest Event is required. The Yield Events section provides additional information including the number of Selected Harvest Events within the batch session and the Seasons that are within the selected Harvest Events. Using the Delete Analysis Layer option on any of the Normalized Analysis Layers created in a batch will provide options to Delete All or Delete Single.
  • HW-9694 / Combine Field Validation – Combining Fields works as expected in an Agvance connected environment when the Agvance instance has the duplicate description blocking enabled.
  • HW-9878 / Yield by Analysis – A new option was added supporting both Imported and Manual Application Events to compare the amount of Product applied and yield to determine whether products impact yield. Additional pages were added to the Yield by Analysis Page Selection called Product, Product by Rate, Product Mix, and Product Mix by Rate.
  • HW-10074 / Field Setup Agvance Billable Area Update – A new subitem was added to the Add/Edit Fields section on the User Role page called Agvance Billable Area. When checked, a text field is added to the Field profile below the Field Notes area and displays the Acres in Agvance for the linked Field. This can be edited and updates in Agvance upon saving.
  • HW-10162 / Applied Rec Credit – The credit of a Rec within an Equation Rec now gives the ability to revert that credit by unchecking the checkbox. This enables the Apply Credit button.
  • HW-10174 / Controller File – Exporting Controller Files works as expected.
  • HW-10197 / Credit Entire Nutrient Rec – Making credits in an Equation Rec resulting in a complete credit of the entire Nutrient Rec rate works as expected.
  • HW-10261 / SKY Soil Test Report – The SKY Soil Test Report works as expected.


  • HW-9826 / Warm/Cold Start Sync – Improvements have been made to reduce errors that display on startup.
  • HW-10097 / Field Setup – The Split tool works as expected.
  • HW-10247 / Soil Test Required Report – The Age of Samples now uses a drop-down including numbers 0-15. Additionally, the last entered value is saved. The mobile app and web output will match when using the same parameters.

Version 3.08


  • HW-10244 / SKY Soil Test Results Report – Improvements were made to the SKY Soil Test Results report to prevent occasional timeouts during generation of the report.
  • HW-10240 / Real-Time Updates – Creating reports works as expected when obtaining real-time status updates when creating a Report or New Event/Rec.
  • HW-8830 / Equation Recs – Surfacing very large fields (greater than 900 acres) works as expected.
  • HW-9081 / Equation Rec - Management Area – An Import Attribute type was implemented to support Equation Rec syntax for the new Management Area Analysis Layers. Equation administrators can add Management Area Attributes to extract data (text, numeric, and true/false data types) from a given Management Area Analysis Layer. Equation logic uses the most recent Management Area based on the date it was created.


  • HW-10106 / General Notes – In Scouting, Observations have been moved up and out of the way of the Notes section.
  • HW-10157 / Implementation Notification Section (iOS) – An iOS option was added to the Notification Settings page for both Reports and Sampling Results. Push notifications for this iOS option were implemented so a notification is sent to the device when Reports/Sampling Results are created. Additionally, notifications are sent when the user is not actively using the app.
  • HW-10044 / Field Boundary - Simplify Field Polygons – After a field polygon is drawn, field boundary vertices are smoothed and simplified with no loss of boundary fidelity.
  • HW-10057 / Analysis Layer Filters – The Layer Type filter on the Layers tab filters on all Analysis Layer types rather than just Profit Loss and Management Area.
  • HW-9867 / Sampling/Track iPad Display – Multiple improvements were made to the mobile app screen for iPads.
    • Text displayed at the bottom of the screen is now easier to read.
    • Two new Sampling Setting options (for iPhones/iPads) were added - Target Radius (ft), which replaces Sample Radius (ft), and Point and Label Size. These options give the ability to increase/decrease the size of the Sample Point and associated ID.
    • A new color picker was added on the Show Navigation Line setting to give the ability to adjust the color of the Navigation Line during data collection.


  • SV-267 / Multiple Fields on Agronomy Orders – Multiple fields can now be selected when adding Blends and Plans in SKY Order.


  • SV-1275 / GL Account Selection – Select Advanced Search under the GL Account field when adding an AP Purchase Order to filter the GL Account drop-down.