January 2023 SKY Release Notes


  • AN-1923 / Energy Tank Locator Dashboard – The Energy Tank Locator Dashboard now includes the Energy Tank Reference tab to display the Energy Tank list.
  • AN-1990 / Grower 360 Analysis Dashboard – The Error Log tab has been added to keep track of when Growers encounter errors and includes additional information. See here for more information.


  • SKYW-3078, 3094 / Documents Tab – The Documents tab in the Overview section of Customer provides the Grower Summary Report after it has been run in Agvance and sent to the Grower to assist Growers with any questions.
  • SKYW-3038 / Grain Scale Tickets – Filter and search for Grain Scale Tickets in SKY Customer.
  • SKYW-3066 / Grain Purchase Contracts – Filter and search for Grain Purchase Contracts in SKY Customer.


  • SKYW-3043 / Cash Bids – Cash Bid cards are now automatically refreshed every minute and the last updated date and time are displayed under the card.


Version 3.01


  • HW-9760 / Rec/Event Field Boundary Holes – Splits across field boundary holes work as expected.
  • HW-9871 / Event/Rec Internal Zone – Adding an internal zone for an Application Event works as expected.
  • HW-9648 / Customer Download – Mobile downloads work as expected.
  • HW-9743 / Error Handling – Improved error handling and logging was implemented.
  • HW-9802 / Sampling Tissue – Tissue Sampling Events are logging the appropriate Sampling method as expected.
  • HW-9848 / Reports – A Notes option is now available on the SKY Recs Report(s) and Recs Report(s).


  • HW-9677 / Export – The Manual and Equation Recs Controller File merge files as expected.
  • HW-9828 / Queue – Queue request archiving and monitoring are working as expected.
  • HW-9982 / Application Rec/Event – Blend/Mix Cost/Ac and Total Cost adjustment is working as expected.
  • HW-9117 / Planting Event/Rec - Transplant – Field total pricing works as expected.
  • HW-9837 / SKY Recs Report - Application/Planting – A Notes option has been added to the report.
  • HW-9839 / SKY Recs Report - Application – Samples used to create Application recommendations are displaying as expected.
  • HW-9983 / Draw Button on Edit Field – Boundary edits on customers with numerous high-density field boundaries are working as expected.

Version 3.00


  • HW-9480 / Sync - Sampling – Sampling works as expected.
  • HW-9673 / Sampling - Scan Code – Support of Scan Code for Composite Sampling has been implemented.
  • HW-9687 / Application Event/Rec – Numeric rows allow a zero after the decimal as expected.
  • HW-9737 / Soil Sampling – Support for Scan Code for Multi-Depth Sampling has been implemented.


  • HW-8654 / Equation Rec – The Min Rate Set and New Rate are utilized as expected.
  • HW-9223 / Reports/Rec – Loadsheet works as expected when Rec is still processing.
  • HW-9288 / Reports – The Status updates as expected when a Customer is associated with multiple locations.
  • HW-9324 / Move Field – Acres display as expected when moving fields.
  • HW-9414 / Zone Tools - Buffer – The Buffer tool works as expected with boundary holes present.
  • HW-9440 / Layers - Split Screen Compare – Zooming out works as expected when switching compare screens.


  • SV-693 / GL Account Selection – Select Advanced Search under the GL Account field when adding an AP Bill to filter the GL Account drop-down. 
  • SV-917 / Import AP PO – AP POs can now be imported into AP Bills in SKY Vendor.