April 2023 SKY Release Notes


  • SKYW-2778 / Task Center Assign Users – Task Center Admins can now assign tasks to specific users.


  • AN-2188 / Plan Usage Dashboard – The Plan Usage dashboard in the Agronomy section can be used to identify what percentage of Bookings and Blend Tickets are using Plans that were created.


  • SKYW-3240 / Heartland Payments Autofill – The customer's address automatically populates in the credit card form when taking a payment.


  • SKYC-2707 / Delivery Drivers – The SKY Username and SKY User Email is now available when viewing Drivers on the Apply tab in Company Settings.
  • SKYC-2650 / Delivery Jobs More Options Menu – The More Options menu (Ellipsis) on the search bar has been updated to include options of Deselect All, Export Documents, and Manage Custom Tags.


  • SKYW-1882 / SKY Mapping Layers – SKY Mapping Layers (Soil Type, Application Layer, and Yield Layer) display on the field if linked to SKY Mapping.


Version 3.07


  • HW-9076 / Application Equation Rec to Application Event – A new Convert to Event function has been added for Equation Application Recs with the ability to convert Equation Recs to Events. Each Product Rec within the Equation Rec becomes a Product Mix within the Application Event and Surfaces are generated for each Product Mix. Like manually created Application Events, the product and totals generated from the Equation Rec are displayed.
  • HW-9767 / Apply at Minimum (Include Zeros) – For all Minimum settings, any time a Nutrient Rec returns all or part of the Rec area as zeros, the Min Rate is displayed as zero (0) at the top of the Product Rec area and zero is also displayed within the Min Rate text field.
  • HW-10042 / Multiple Event IDs/AgEvent Guids – Corrupt Sampling Events with multiple AgEventGuids now receive a status of Error Creating Event with the Copy option disabled.
  • HW-10069 / SKY Recs Report - Planting – A new Cost Details option has been added along with a new option to display Rec Parameter Details and a Low-Rate Legend.
  • HW-10120 / SKY Yield Map – When Event selection is used, the SKY Yield Map now displays the correct year of the Harvest Event that the report is based on in the report and the report grid as expected.


  • HW-10158 / Push Notifications – A push notification service was implemented that sends push notifications to all registered devices when a report is generated or Sampling results are finished.
  • HW-10163 / Sampling - Tissue – Batch Tissue Sampling now persists the selected Growth stage and Plant Part to all points added (including new points).
  • HW-9477 / Manual Event/Rec - Field Labels – When creating a Manual Event/Rec, field labels are now displayed.
  • HW-9800 / Recent Picklist Remove – The swipe to remove option works as expected.

Version 3.06


  • HW-9425 / Aggregate Application Event Support – An aggregated Imported Planting Event and Manual Application Event has been added with the ability to add a seed treatment or start fertilizer to each variety for imported planting data. Additionally, a new Add Product Mix option has been added to the Edit Crop area. This opens the Product Mix window to add and save at least one product and rate, adjust the Mix rate, edit the Product Mix, and add or remove Product Mixes as necessary. In the View/Edit option, the Application tab is displayed to modify an existing or new Application Event.
  • HW-9804 / Field Setup - Resurfacing – Harvest and Planting data imported in early 2020 and prior work as expected during resurfacing after editing a field.
  • HW-10066 / Equation Rec - Crop Cleared on Recs with Crop Class – Adding Crop Class to equations in an existing Equation Set works as expected when viewing or editing the Rec for Recs created with the original equation.
  • HW-10096 / Automated Imports - Sampling - Send to Email in CC – The Automated Import Sampling Results process now supports email where the Send To address is added to the CC rather than the To address.
  • HW-10141 / Automated Imports - Sampling - Person Email Missing – The Automated Import Sampling Results process now supports those missing their optional Person Email.
  • HW-9491 / Layers - Quick Changes – Toggling Layer visibility on and off quickly displays Surface Layers as expected.
  • HW-10079 / SKY Recs Report - Application/Planting - Low-Rate Legend – A new Low-Rate Legend preference is now available. When active, the legend classes only use the Lower Bound of the Class break.
  • HW-10080 / SKY Recs Report - Application/Planting - Misc. Cleanup – Improvements have been made to the SKY Recs Report - Application and SKY Recs Report - Planting:
    • The Crop and Crop Purpose have been moved to the top of the page.
    • The Crop Purpose has been added to Manual Application Recs.
    • The Crop and Crop Purpose were added where Event selection is used for Manual Application Recs.
    • The Total Seed Count was removed and the Brand for the variety and/or Hybrid used was added.
  • HW-10081 / SKY Recs Report - Application/Planting - Display Parameters – Improvements have been made to SKY Recs Report - Application and SKY Recs Report - Planting:
    • A new Display Parameters option was added which displays all Equation Parameters used in the Rec.
    • The Soil Sampling or Harvest Events used within the equation are also displayed.
  • HW-10068 / SKY Soil Test Report and SKY Soil Test Results Report - Zone Line Changes – The SKY Soil Test and SKY Soil Test Results Report now default to show Zones. In cases where Sampling Events have Zone Sampling enabled, the Sample Point page displays Zones classified by Sample ID using the default Soil Type color ramp along with a new Zone legend.


  • HW-10008 / Migration on Multi-Owner Users – During a mobile migration when changing Owners, existing Customers and Fields are cleared from the app after a new customer download and customers display the correct owners as expected.
  • HW-10143 / Support New Web SKY Rec Report – Preferences for Cost Details, Low-Rate Legend, and Display Parameters were added to the SKY Recs Report - Planting and Recs Report - Planting. The Zone Sampling Lines option in the SKY Soil Test Report and SKY Soil Test Results Report have been removed.
  • HW-9516 / Email and App Notifications – A Notification Settings page has been added to enable/disable notifications (In-App or Email) for various actions such as when test results have been imported, a report has been created, or when weather or scouting thresholds have been met.
  • HW-9849 / Soil Sampling - Batch – When a Soil Sampling Event is created in batch and additional depths are added, all fields within the batch receive the additional depths as expected. If a depth is deleted, the depth is also deleted for the field(s).
  • HW-9868 / Sync - Event Saves – Event, Rec, and Field saves performed during a poor data connection now display an updated, animated Sync icon during synchronization. Additionally, a new symbol appears to indicate the number of edits that have not synced.
  • HW-10010 / Edit Rec Displaying Field List - iPad Only – When editing an Application Event or Application Rec, the panel display behavior works as expected.


  • SV-1129, 1130, 286 / Tech License Checking – Products on a Blend, Booking, or Delivery that are a part of a Technology Group will now display the customer's license number if applicable. If the customer(s) on the order do not have a tech license and the transaction is set to Warn Only on the Tech Group, a message will display below the product stating A tech license is recommended to continue the order with this product but will allow the order to be saved. If set to Restrict Sale, a message will display below the product stating A tech license is required to continue the order with this product and will prevent moving on to the next step/saving the order.