7.0.24420 | 11.14.2023



  • FTM-3498 / Customer Price Lookup – The Customer Price Lookup utility at Accounting / Utilities / Customer Price Lookup will no longer have the option to use a prior year database. It will default to a date range six months prior to today's date. However, a longer period can be chosen crossing multiple fiscal years.


  • FTM-3512 / AR Payment Receipt Logo – Logos can now be printed on Payment Receipts at Accounting / Setup / Location Preferences on the Logo tab. When this option is selected, the resulting document will suppress the printing of the company heading text and will use the logo saved in the Agvance database.
    Note: The Payment Receipt produced from Agvance uploaded to SKY storage will now follow this same preference whether created in Accounting or from SKY.

Accounting Reports

  • FTM-3497 / Customer Credit Analysis Report – The Customer Credit Analysis Report was modified to implement the Customer Classification filter as expected on the main form, eliminating the need to select the Classifications from the Customer multi-select form to filter them by this selection.


  • FTM-3496 / Budget Billing Statements –  The Email Attachments (PDF) section at Setup / Preferences now has BB Statement (Budget Billing Statement) as an option. This will work similar to the other statement attachments in that the document needs to exist in the path for whomever is running the statement. A second document will be sent to CRM and will merge to a single file if the document type is a PDF to upload to Grower360/email direct with a link to the growers as part of that upload to Grower360.