7.0.22970 | 03.21.2023

– Key Highlight



  • FTM-2620 / Product Request Form – Each Product Request item can now be assigned to a given user. This assignment will display in the grid. Items can be reassigned/unassigned as long as the row is locked.
  • FTM-2905 / Grower Order Product Substitution – A Product Position section has been added to the Grower Order Product Substitution window at Inventory / Manage Seed Orders that displays available Agv. Qty, Dealer Qty, and Long/Short information for the selected product being replaced. This information is pulled from the vendor's B2B portal.



  • FTM-2911 / Simulated Payments – In STLM, navigating to Operations / Simulated Payments gives the ability to generate a simulated payment to priced for selected sources. A preview of the Settlement document will display with limited detail that can be emailed or saved as a PDF to send to the grower. Information changed or selected on this transaction will not be remembered or posted.
  • FTM-2961 / Contract Summary – A new Contract Summary section is available on the new condensed format of the Settlement document that will include the total for the source contracts when that option is selected to print on the Settlement document. If no contracts exist on the sources, this section will be suppressed.

Grain Reports

  • FTM-2787 / Delivered Grain Report – A new option is available when running the Delivered Grain report by farm. Selecting Print Current Location for Report Header at Grain Reports / Customer Analysis prints each farm on a separate page with the customer's name and address printing on the first page but suppressed on subsequent pages for the same farm.
  • FTM-2919 / Storage and Service Charge Report – In STLM, a new option is available at the Storage and Service Charges report (or Invoice Storage and Service Charges utility) that will display the Scale Ticket split detail of the calculations.
  • FTM-2932 / Purchase Contract Amendment – A Purchase Contract Amendment report is now available to show the Purchase Contract the amendment was added to, the change made to the Purchase Contract, the date and time the change was made, and who made the change.