7.0.22490 | 01.10.2023

– Key Highlight



  • FTM-2806 / Editing AP Purchase Orders – When editing an AP PO, it is now possible to add or remove GL Accounts on a single row, add or edit Vehicles, and add additional detail rows.
    Note: The AP PO cannot be edited if it has been imported into an AP Bill or if it has been declined in the AP PO Approver process. If this AP PO meets the criteria for the approval process, any edits to it will start the process over again to have the AP PO approved.



  • FTM-2765 / Transportation Method – There is a new field (MOT) available when adding a Purchase Contract, Sales Contract, and Shipment to assign transportation method. A list of Transportation Methods must first be set up at Grain / Setup / Transportation Method. An Inactive checkbox is available when adding or editing Transportation Methods but those marked as Inactive cannot be used on new transactions. However, they will remain on any transactions saved prior to inactivating that method.



  • FTM-2834 / Remove Email Addresses Labels – The Remove Email Addresses label found by selecting Add/Create at Hub / Utilities / Create/Refresh Play Data, going to Hub / Utilities / Replace Database From Image, and in Agvance Utilities at Utilities / Restore Database has been updated to now read Remove Email Addresses Except for Statements.


  • FTM-2775 / Mobile Phone Scanner – Using a camera scanner to scan barcodes works as expected.