7.0.21280 | 06.27.2022 General Release

Version 7.0.20160 or Higher

  • Agvance has advanced to a 64-bit application with version numbers changing to 7.0. Agvance 7.0 will not install on 32-bit machines. 64-bit machines are required to install or convert to Agvance 7.0. Navigate to Start / Settings / System / About. See System type under Device specifications to determine if the machine is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.

– Key Highlight

  • FTM-2221 / Updated Help Center – All Help / Content menus have been updated to navigate to the updated Help Center. This new Help Center provides improved search results and easier access. 


  • Control Number Checkbox – The Invoice Control # is now available in the Invoice list on the Activity tab of the Customer profile. This column can be hidden using standard grid controls.
  • FTM-2257 / Master File Attachments – When attaching files to a Master File (Customer, Farm, Field, Vendor, Employee), changes were made to validate the name of the attachments when the list of attachments are saved to prevent invalid characters.


  • Importing Bookings – Importing a Booking into a Delivery Ticket at Inventory / Delivery Tickets works as expected.
  • Grower Order – Import a Sales Order into a Grower Order at Inventory / Manage Seed Orders / Grower Order and add other products to the Order as expected.
  • End of Prepay Season – Grower Orders are no longer deleted during the End of Prepay season. The Add/Edit window for Grower Orders now has an option to include those flagged as Deleted by using the Booking to which they are connected. The selection of the Grower Order for consumption is now limited to only Active.
  • Existing Tech License Information – Editing a Delivery Ticket at Inventory / Delivery Ticket will now retain a selected Technology License Number rather than require selecting again when more than one license is eligible.
  • Product Request Grid – A column was added in the Product Request grid for the product's Manufacturer at Inventory / Product Request. This is populated from the Requesting Location product.
  • FTM-2092 / Default on Grower Orders – The PO options on Grower Orders now honor user restrictions. If a user is restricted from all options, the default is No PO.
  • FTM-2196 / Product Requests – Previously, when the grid was loaded, the Available to Deliver quantity was calculated for all requests that met the criteria selected in the filters. Checking the new Calculate Available to Deliver option in the filter area will still load the grid with this calculation. Leaving this option UNCHECKED results in the grid loading without this calculation, resulting in faster grid load time. Then, select in the Available to Deliver cell on a row or Lock the row and the calculation occurs. Requests with a Status of Closed or Rejected are not eligible for Available to Deliver calculation.
  • FTM-2160, 2161/ PO Release Numbers – A new option to Generate Release Numbers has been added to the Purchase Order’s Release Numbers tab. Optionally use this feature to generate many Release Numbers at a time. Additionally, Release Numbers may no longer be duplicated per vendor.
  • FTM-2159 / PO Release Numbers on Purchase Receipts – A new Release # filter has been added to the Purchase Receipt Select from Purchase Order window. Entering a Release Number and selecting Refresh will filter for a Purchase Order line item with the associated Release Number. If the PO line is selected when the Purchase Receipt is saved, the Release Number is automatically marked as used and the actual quantity and Purchase Receipt number are populated in the PO’s Release Numbers grid.
  • FTM-2128 / Shipping Order Manager - Delivery Products – When a Pickup number is saved and a Delivery Ticket is created at Inventory / Shipping Order Manager / Shipping Orders / Edit Method, the Freight and Additional Products selected will now be applied to the ticket.
  • FTM-2099 / Voiding Return Purchase Receipt on ICT – Return Purchase Receipts created from an Inter-Company Transfer with an imported Delivery Ticket can be voided as expected.
  • FTM-2098 / PO Carry Terms to AP Bill – Terms used for a prepaid Purchase Order are now carried forward to the AP Bill created.
  • FTM-1836 / Assign User – Optionally assign unloaded Delivery Tickets to an Agvance user by double-clicking in the <Assign User> field on the Delivery Ticket. This assignment will then allow filtering in Warehouse to display those tickets to the correct user.
  • FTM-2253 / Delivery Ticket Preview Rollup – Preview the rollup at Inventory / Delivery Tickets when adding or editing a Delivery Ticket.


  • Transfer Customer Prepay – Changes were made to ensure only the selected customer's share of the Booking is transferred at A/R / Transfer Customer Prepay. Additionally, a grower will remain in balance when a split Booking exists where one of the customers has down payments and the other does not.
  • A/R Invoice – Printing or reprinting Rollup Invoices at A/R / Invoice prints prices as expected when a line has been split by a Booking where both lines have the same price.
  • Reprinting Bookings – The Booking window displays as expected when reprinting a Booking at A/R / Product Bookings.
  • Control # Payments Screen – The Invoice Control # column is now available on the Payment on Accounts screen at A/R / Payments or by selecting the Add a Payment on Account shortcut.
  • Booking Contract Signed – A notification is sent to SKY when a Booking contract is marked as signed at A/R / Product Bookings.
  • FTM-2119 / Payment Control Number Column – The Control Number of the Invoice displays as expected in the Details grid when editing a Payment.
  • FTM-1223 / Term Column – A Terms column is now available when selecting Bookings at A/R / Invoice.
  • FTM-2054 / Payment Receipt – Verbiage on the Payment receipt was changed to reflect the new setup for Surcharge Payments.
  • FTM-2238 / Surcharge when Switching Pay Method – Surcharges are calculated or removed as expected when changing the Pay Method in any Payment Type.
  • FTM-2236 / UAC Booking Roll Through Payment – Booking Roll Through Payments make correct Journal Entries when checking the option to Use U/A Cash.
  • FTM-2269 / Voiding or Reversing Payments – When there are 2 payments on an Invoice (one that is a duplicate) and when the duplicate payment is voided, the Invoice will NOT be marked as unpaid unless the amount due does not equal the amount paid.
  • FTM-2297 / Product Alternate IDAlt Prod ID is now available on the Add Booking window at A/R / Product Bookings.
  • FTM-2295 / Product Alternate IDAlt Prod ID is now available on the Select a Product window when searching for a Prod ID that may match multiple products on an Invoice.
  • FTM-2294 / Product Alternate IDAlt Prod ID is now available on the Quick Select tab on the Select Products window.
  • FTM-1233 / AgriMine Export has New File Format – A new extended format is available in the Agrimine export. Navigate to the Setup tab at Accounting / Transfers / Export / EDI Sales / AgriMine to complete the setup. This can be run from the Agent with an option to create a single file instead of three.
  • FTM-2039 / AR Invoice – A new button was added to the AR Invoice Print screen to give the ability to capture a signature on the standard and Bill To/Ship To Invoice formats. Signatures can be captured utilizing the Topaz Signature Pad. The preference to allow this is found at Accounting / Setup / Location Preferences
  • FTM-2332 / Customer ACH Account Encrypted – The customer AR ACH account number is now encrypted in the Agvance database.
  • FTM-2338 / Patronage Account on Customer Encrypted – The Patronage ACH account number on the customer’s account is now encrypted.
  • FTM-2325 / Quick Ticket Payments – Payment-only Quick Ticket transactions are posting as expected for the default cash customer.
  • FTM-2386 / A/R Invoice Amount Due – When an A/R Invoice is Priced by Analysis with partially prepaid sales tax, the invoice prints the correct amount due.
  • FTM-2375, 2373 / Elemental Pricing – Elemental Pricing is no longer available when adding an A/R Invoice or Booking. Existing Invoices or Bookings saved using elemental pricing will still display that pricing when editing those transactions.
  • FTM-2243 / Logo on Bill To/Ship To – An Alt Logo tab is now available at Accounting / Setup / Location Preferences to print a logo on the Bill To/Ship To format of AR Invoices. This logo is smaller than the logo used on the Logo tab.


  • FTM-2137 / G/L Detail Check Stub Style Checks – The check amount calculates as expected at A/P / Pay Bills when paying multiple bills for a single vendor with the option selected to Pay only 1 Bill per Check on the Vendor's 1099 / Payment Info tab.
  • FTM-2274 / Payment Advice PDF – Files created for ACH vendors when using the Pay Bills feature for emailing payment advice documents are changed to be unique when created and then renamed to a common file name to send to each vendor independently. This prevents files being created with the same file name for two vendors.
  • FTM-2360 / Reprinting AP Check to PrintBoss – Reprinting a Vendor AP Disbursement is now working as expected when printing to PrintBoss.
  • FTM-1719 / Vendor ACH Files Compliant with NACHA Guidelines – A new preference to identify and combine consumer and corporate accounts into a single ACH file is now available on the A/P tab at Accounting / Setup / Preferences. Vendors can be specified as PPD, CTX, or CCD.
  • FTM-2410 / PPD Transactions Vendor ACH – Vendor ACH PPD transactions with more than one addendum record will not have detail. The multiple addenda will be combined in the one transaction in the file.


  • Post Inventory to GL Load SetSave Set used at G/L / Post Inventory to G/L will remember the Post Date, Cost to Use, and the departments checked to post based on the selected criteria at the time the Load Set is created. Selecting a Load Set will prompt the grid to calculate with current dollar values.

End of Periods

  • End Prepay Season Report – Running the End of Prepay Season report at End of Periods / Prepay Season works as expected when deleting an unpaid 50/50 split Booking.
  • FTM-319 / Bookings End of Year – Voided Bookings or Bookings flagged as Deleted will now be retained when ending the year.


  • FTM-2191 / Voyager Invoices – Invoices created from Voyager files at Transfers / Import / Voyager now have the correct line extension and total.
  • FTM-2407 / Voyager Import Additions – When importing Invoices using the Voyager import at Transfers / Import / Voyager, the Fill Date, Odometer, and Vehicle information will be saved on all lines of the A/R Invoice.


  • FTM-2150 / Booking Product Substitution Utility – Substitute products on unpaid Bookings at Accounting / Utilities / Booking Product Substitution. Note that products must be of like Units of Measure and there are limitations as to which types of Bookings can be updated.


  • FTM-397 / Inventory Department XREF Labels – User-defined XREF labels established on the Product tab at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences now display when adding or editing an Inventory Department.
  • FTM-2147, 2101, 2102, 2103 / Surcharges Option – There is a new preference at Setup / Preferences / A/R in the Payments section called Surcharges - Payment Only. Select this preference to surcharge certain Pay Methods on the Regular, Prepay, and Budget Payment on Accounts windows. This option applies a surcharge without adding an Invoice for that surcharge. For more information on this option, please see here.
  • FTM-1748 / Logos on Booking Contracts – Optionally print a logo on Booking Contracts by selecting the Print Logo checkbox at Setup / Location Preferences on the Logo tab.
  • FTM-2276 / Logo on Booking Documents – Check Print Logo box for Booking Document on the Logo tab at Setup / Location Preferences to replace the location heading with the logo.

Accounting Reports

  • Trial Balance Total Quantity – A new option to Include Total quantity was added to the Show Quantity style on the Trial Balance report at General Ledger / G/L Reports.
  • FTM-2121 / Volume Statement Apostrophe in Footer – The Volume Statement now generates as expected when the Footer verbiage contains an apostrophe.
  • FTM-2029 / Combo/Budget Statements – When exporting statements to Grower360, the Month and Year will no longer default to the current month and year. These selections are required each time the export is performed. Additionally, the month/year values will be cleared from any existing Save Sets and will no longer be saved as part of any new Save Sets.
  • FTM-2211 / Combo Statement Prepay Recap – Changes were made to the Prepay Recap section of the Combo Statement, found at Accounting Reports / A/R / A/R Status, so that it only looks at the dollars remaining.
  • FTM-2197 / Alt 3 Statement Prepay – Changes were made so the Alt 3 Statement at Accounting Reports / Accounts Receivable / A/R Status / Combo Statement does not use the fiscal month Start/End on the report window. Additionally, these controls have also been removed for the Alt 3 Statement.
  • FTM-2181 / Gross Margin Include Adjustment Value – Printing the Gross Margin report at Accounting Reports / Inventory / Inventory Position / Gross Margin with Include Adjustment Value checked honors the default printer of the system.
  • FTM-2275 / Combo Statements – The Alt3 style of the customer combo statements will now offer the option to include a single discount value calculation if paid by date. This change will be reflected on the remittance stub and cover page as a new Deduct $$ if paid by label.
  • FTM-2277 / Combo Statement Labels – Labels for the Alt3 Combo Statement cover page can be changed at Setup / Preferences on the A/R tab.
  • FTM-2342 / Unprocessed Purchase Receipt Valuation Report – The Unprocessed Purchase Receipt Valuation report will now display as expected when more than 33,000 records exist.
  • FTM-2278 / Alt3 Current Purchases Summary – A Purchase Summary can now be included on the cover page of the Alt3 Statement by selecting Setup on the Combo Statement Report window. This will include a Sales Group recap of the Invoices for the customer for the current fiscal month.  The Department Sales Class will be used to group dollar amounts.


  • Domestic Production Report – The Domestic Production Report at Reports / Patron now groups customers as expected.


  • FTM-2403 / Load Grid Data – Selecting Load Grid Data multiple times without changing What To Plot works as expected.

Motor Fuel

  • EDI KS1 Transactions – The KS1 Transactions are now included in the Kansas EDI filings at Motor Fuel / Reports / Kansas / EDI File.
  • FTM-2116 / MN Motor Fuel Reporting – A new Sales Tax Paid column is available at Reports / Preview Purchases. This populates from the Sales Tax Paid checkbox on the Purchase Invoice at Accounting / Inventory / Purchase Invoice. Any purchases flagged as Sales Tax Paid will be omitted from calculations when creating the EDI file for MN.
  • FTM-2241 / Illinois Imports Magnetic Media – The GA-1 schedule is now included in the Illinois Imports Magnetic Media file at Reports / Illinois Imports. This requires the GA-1 to be set up at Setup / General Info in the Schedules List.
  • FTM-2154 / IL Import Product CodesIL Import Product Code has been added as a new column to the Setup Motor Fuel Products window. The Illinois Imports Magnetic Media file uses the IL Product Code if it exists in the setup. If the code is not included in this setup, the main Product Code is used.


  • FTM-2126 / Technology License Information – There is no longer a prompt to enter a Technology License number when editing a Blend Ticket where the Technology License # has already been selected on the Products tab.
  • FTM-2131 / Combine/Split Blend Ticket Different Rate/Acre – Combine Blend Tickets where the products are identical but the rate/acre of those products may differ. The total rating amount is summed together and then a new rate/acre is calculated from the resulting total acres of all source Blend Tickets.
  • FTM-1938 / GIS Acres vs. FSA Acres – Adding a Blend or Plan will present a new option to set the default acres to GIS acres or, if unchecked, the Reported acres of the fields. Any fields with no GIS acres available will continue to default as the Reported acres. This preference is remembered per user and application.
  • FTM-1360 / Importing Mapping Recommendations – Importing recommendations from SKY Mapping into Blends or plans automatically links products the same way as when exporting to SKY Mapping. If no products are selected, a warning will display indicating it is not possible to import to the POS. There is now an option to view the summarized information combining like products before importing to the POS.
  • FTM-2256 / Blend Ticket Products – Blend Tickets cannot be saved if the product is not set up correctly regardless of the location of the products.
  • FTM-2250 / Print Aerial Imagery – Select Print Aerial Image from a Custom Application document or a Field Plan document to include a static image that cannot pan or zoom.  The scale of the image is determined by the Zoom Level.  A box will print around the latitude/longitude that is saved with the field that is being printed.  For the combined format in the Custom App only, all fields will have the boxes drawn around them.  
  • FTM-2376 / Elemental Pricing – Elemental Pricing is no longer available when adding a Blend Ticket. Existing Blend Tickets saved using elemental pricing will still display that pricing when editing those Blend Tickets.


  • FTM-2204 / Texas State Fertilizer Tag – The TX state Fertilizer Tag now supports the reporting of Copper (Cu).


  • Tank Monitor Readings – Tank Monitor information is now available in multiple places in Agvance. Select here for more information.
  • FTM-2164 / Current Tank Percent PDO – The Tank Percent displays correctly when creating a Product Delivery Order which in turn results in the correct information being displayed in the Energy Work Orders grid.

Energy Force

  • FTM-1992 / Daily Clear File Import Voids – Voided transactions are now processed first to ensure Bookings are available for transactions being imported in the same file as the void when importing the Daily Clear File.
  • FTM-2199 / Energy Force Import Daily Clear – Changes were made to ensure importing the Daily Clear File at Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear file always uses the price from the file when a Booking is used.
  • FTM-1924 / Energy Force Meter Billing – Importing the Energy Force Daily Clear file at Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear honors the meter serial number in field 58. The regular tank matching is used if that field is blank.
  • FTM-2247 / Energy Force Import Voiding Invoices – When importing the Energy Force Daily Clear file at Transfers / Import / Energy-Force / Daily Clear, transactions flagged as voids result in voided Invoices and are included on the import report as expected.
  • FTM-1863 / Payment and Terms Setup – Click Payment and Terms Setup at Agvance Energy / Setup / Energy Force to optionally Calculate discount/due dates by fiscal month.
  • FTM-2212 / Import Daily Tank File –  Agvance Energy can now identify Energy Force company-owned tanks with a Master RRN Number from the Energy Force Daily Tank File import.  A new tank attribute for the Master RRN Number must be added at Energy / Setup / Preferences / Tank Attributes. This newly added attribute then needs added to the Energy Force setup at Energy / Setup / Energy Force in the <Tank Master RRN# Attrib> area.
  • FTM-2214 / Import Tank Splits – Billing splits can now be imported in addition to the general setup of the tank. These splits will be identified by the Tank attribute and Customer Lookup. There cannot be more than eight splits, no more than one split if the tank is flagged as a Budget Billing tank, and all splits must total 100%. This import is on the same screen as the tank import but occurs after tanks are imported.
  • FTM-2398 / Import Report – The report created when importing a daily clear file at Energy / Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Clear is saved to the Archive folder.
  • FTM-2272 / Daily Tank Import – Several fields will be updated from the file during a tank file import at Energy / Transfers / Import / Energy Force / Daily Tank including Tank Name, Customer Number, Route, Tank Address, Tank City, and Product ID.
    Note: This change is dependent on an Energy Force build coming in Summer 2022.
  • FTM-2213 / Salesperson from Customer Profile – A new column exists in the Energy Force setup at Energy / Setup / Energy Force to indicate that the driver records should use the customer salesperson when populated as opposed to the salesman associated with the driver.

Equal Bills

  • Refund Check Stub – Check stubs produced when reconciling budget at Equal Bills / Reconcile now contains the entire customer address.


  • Void and Re-Bill Delivery – Drivers are now able to Void and Re-Bill a Delivery. Tickets being voided that were already paid will result with the payment being voided also.
  • FTM-1775 / AME End of Day Report – Products in the same department category will no longer show as a variance for the tank used on the delivery on the End of Day Report found at Setup / Mobile Energy on the Documents tab.
  • FTM-2351 / Split Tank Terms – When making a delivery in AME to a split tank, all splits on that tank now have the correct term that is saved on the tank in Energy.
  • FTM-2245 / Void/Rebill – When voiding/rebilling tickets, the Booking is available for the new ticket.


  • FTM-2130 / Product Delivery Order Days Past Due – The checking of past due Invoices will no longer include Recurring Invoices created in Accounting.


  • Booking for Prepaid Sales Tax – The Booking is correctly consumed during the Energy-Force Daily Clear Import file at Transfers / Import / Energy-Force / Daily Clear.
  • Import Tank File – Paths for the Archive Location and Import File directories are now remembered between sessions when importing tank information at Transfers / Import / Energy-Force / Daily Tank.


  • FTM-2088 / STLM Review and Transfer – The rounding tolerance for Expected Gross Units has been doubled to four decimal places. Additionally, any failure to save a ticket into Grain from Review and Transfer will cause those tickets to be left in the grid and the list will NOT be reloaded.
  • FTM-2140 / Prem/Discount as Percent of Base Price – Drying charges in STLM for Scale Ticket split records with no split price but with a base price on the ticket and the drying schedule is a percent of the base price will no longer calculate a drying charge rate in the split line.
  • FTM-1502 / Service Fees – Settlement comments from the storage and service charge on Scale Tickets in STLM will now print in the storage charges when printing the IL PL/BF format of the Post Delivery Grain Purchase Contract. This is similar to what happens when the contract is printed from a Settlement IL PL/BF contract.
  • FTM-2251 / View Cash Bids - The View Cash Bids window will now display a column for each Alias/Futures Month combination that meets the filter criteria.
  • FTM-910 / Migrate Non-Priced Sales Contract – A new option is available for Sales Contracts to Migrate non-priced contracts to priced. Establish units for the new contract and Destination and FOB prices. If the source contract exists on shipments that have not been completed, units can be migrated from the non-settled balance on those split lines. The original Sales Contract has a tab displaying the history of the migration process off of this contract.
  • FTM-2232 / Track Spot Basis – The shipment now has the capability to enter a Basis Price on shipment detail records set as spot.
  • FTM-2202 / Message Board – A new pre-configuration is now available for a Hyperion message board. See here for more details.


  • Shipments Freight Units – The only time Freight Units on Shipments will be changed when adding or editing a Shipment at Operations / Shipments is when Destination Gross Units are present. Shipments not created from Accounting will update non-reconciled lines not having a quantity of 1 to the Destination Gross Units. The quantity of the Freight Units will not be adjusted automatically when Destination Gross Units do not exist.
  • STLM Storage Calculations – Charge Schedules selected for a new line on a Scale Ticket has the initial charge amount deducted from the amount being prorated. The Charge Start Date is also now set on the new line.
  • Settlement Deduction – Settlement Deductions that are Premium Discounts where the schedule is selected on the Scale Ticket and where there is no Master schedule for that Commodity and Grade Factor will now default in correctly when settling that Scale Ticket.
  • Enter or Reverse Settlements – The processing of Advances when adding any Settlement or editing an unposted Settlement has been re-factored to handle database records more efficiently.
  • FTM-2120 / STLM Drying Charges – Drying deductions that are a percent of base price in STLM correctly track units being settled from Source Contracts to get the schedule used on the original Settlement from the Scale Tickets to the Contract Format not priced. Any drying bank dollars that may have been applied to the Scale Ticket split will be prorated based on units being settled.
  • FTM-2096 / Batch Settle with Flat Fee – A flat fee premium/discount will be correctly prorated at the Batch Settlement of Scale Tickets in STLM.
  • FTM-2184 / Settlement Reversal % Base Price – Reversing a priced Settlement created from a Settlement Contract with a Drying Charge carried forward from the Scale Ticket works as expected.
  • FTM-1944 / Grain Purchase Contracts – The same customer can now be used multiple times when splitting out a Grain Purchase Contract at Operations / Purchase Contracts.


  • FTM-1945 / Mass Edit Freight Charges Utility – Set a Freight Rate at Utilities / Mass Edit / Header Values in STLM when the ticket has only one freight vendor and the ticket is not reconciled. This allows the rate to be set on these tickets without needing to assign the same vendor to each ticket.

GL Posting Reports

  • Final P&L Sort and Subtotal – The Preliminary and Final P and L Grain reports at GL Posting Reports / Grain Profit and Lost Statement have been updated to ensure the GL Account Detail section is sorted by Account ID.
  • FTM-1946 / Grain Inventory Report – The Assembly valuation has been broken down into each of its unique dispositions similar to how Settlements are reported in the Grain Inventory Report found at GL Posting Reports / Grain G/L Posting Reports / Grain Inventory Report. This allows for easier prove-out to the numbers reported in the GL Posting section.

Grain Scale Interface

  • FTM-2049 / RFID with AutoStart – The setup of the RFID reader for the auto-start of the Scale Ticket in Grain Scale Interface has changed from a single setup of a scale at a location to allowing the option to choose which setup is to be used at each computer at a location. This will allow two different computers at the same location to auto-start scales using two different RFID setups. The RFID setup must be selected on the RFID Reader at  Utilities / Scale Interface / Grain Scale Interface / Setup / RFID / Readers.
  • FTM-2320 / TagMaster RFID Readers – Autostart when using TagMaster RFID readers refreshes its network connection after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • FTM-2206 / Add Recent Farm – Select Add Recent Farm on the Scale Ticket window to filter the farm list by number of days since the farm was used and the location of the Scale Ticket. Farms can also be added and deleted from the list.
  • FTM-2326 / Moisture Tester – A new GAC CSV format has been added to the moisture tester formats supported. This setup works for a tester that sends a comma-delimited string of data where a user can configure how many values are needed for a valid transmission and the positions in the data for the Moisture, Test Weight, and Calibration Index number.


  • FTM-1919 / Link Products SKY Mapping – SKY Mapping products can now be linked with Agvance products in the Product profile. Double-clicking in this text field will attempt an automatic link by Agrian ID. If a product is not found or is already linked, it will allow the option to select from all SKY Mapping products. Additionally, select in this text box and press Delete to remove the link.
    Note: This option is only available to databases linked to SKY Mapping at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences.
  • FTM -2369 / IE11 End of Life – Microsoft will be ending support for Internet Explorer later this year. This modification will affect areas in Windows Agvance when a map is displayed. We have worked to address the affected areas.

Admin Utilities

  • Batch Edit Products – Marking products as Inactive at Utilities / Admin Utilities / Hub / Batch Edit Products no longer changes the products' Billing Units.
  • Import Prior Year Account Balances – The order of account imports has been adjusted so that any account not subtotaling to another account are imported first. This ensures that those that do subtotal will have the subtotaling account already on file.
  • Log-Off User Utility – Running the Log-Off User Utility in Admin Utilities at Hub / Log Off Users works as expected.
  • FTM-2198 / Check PCI Compliance – Corrections were made to the PCI Compliance Check at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Hub / Check PCI Compliance so that all three Payment Method lines are included in the check.
  • FTM-2148 / Import Prior Year Data Utility – Bookings imported through the Import Prior Year Data utility found at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Hub / Import Prior Year Data will be assigned to the year they were imported into as expected. Additionally, if opening this menu multiple times without closing the application, the drop-down of types to import will no longer include duplicates.
  • FTM-2185 / Combo/Budget Statement to Grower360 – A new utility has been added to remove the record in the Agvance database for a Month/Year and from the table Grower360 reads to display those statements to the growers. This removes records created from using Send to G360, not those visible as a result of sending the statement by CRM. The utility is found at Hub / Utilities / Admin Utilities / Accounting / Delete Grower 360 Statements.
  • FTM-2263 / Edit G/L Balances – Using the Edit G/L Balances Utility at Admin Utilities / Accounting works as expected.


  • FTM-2343 / Creating Playdata – Create playdata with all options checked in the Hub at Utilities / Create/Refresh Play Data.


  • FTM-2095 / Salesperson Email Address – The Salesperson's email address can now be entered at Setup / Sales Staff when adding or editing a Salesperson.
  • FTM-2097 / Tech License Checking – A new option, Ignore POS Checking for Custom Applied Transactions, is available when adding or editing a Tech Group at Hub / Setup / Company Preferences on the Product tab.
  • FTM-2331 / Geocode Utility – Opening the Geocode Utility at Hub / Setup / Geocode Agvance Data works as expected.
  • FTM-2299 / Product Alternate IDAlt Prod ID is now available at the Select a Sales Allocation window at Hub / Setup / Sales Allocations.
  • FTM-2377 / Elemental Pricing – Elemental Pricing information is no longer available at Hub / Setup / Location Preferences.


  • FTM-2290 / Finance Charges – When running Finance Charges from AgvAgent, the Customer Classification selected will be included as expected.


  • FTM-2074 / Soil Test Reports – Saving field information will now update all linked Layers to have the correct contentflag set. Layers that are linked will also be saved with a newer Collected Date so they will be the default Layer for these reports.


  • Grower Summary – Font sizes were adjusted to allow the display of Unit prices in the thousands with 4-decimal accuracy on the Grower Summary reports at Reports / Grower Summary.
  • FTM-2298, 2296 / Product Alternate IDAlt Prod ID is now available at the Add a Sales Order window and Sales Order / Select Sales Allocation window.
  • FTM-402 / Print Application Zone Map – Geometries can be printed on the Field Plan document by use of the new Print Application Zone Map checkbox on the Print Field Plan Order window.  When importing a Plan into a Blend by use of the Plan combo on the General tab, the geometry will be copied forward to the Blend Ticket. A new Planning Utilities menu option Update Missing Application Zones has been added to set these geometries on Plans that were imported from SKY Mapping recs previous to this change being made.
  • FTM-2375 / Elemental Pricing – Elemental Pricing is no longer available when adding a Field Plan. Existing Plans saved using elemental pricing will still display that pricing when editing those Plans.


  • FTM-2433 / Grower Summary Report – The Grower Summary report found at Planning / Reports / Grower Summary can be sent to Grower360 with an area to enter the report name/Description.


  • FTM-1980 / Inter-Company Transfer – Creating a loaded Delivery Ticket where a Ship From is selected and the preference is on to Create ICT Based on Ship From works as expected.
  • FTM-1937 / Lot Number Validation – Saving a Delivery Ticket where a Ship From is assigned to the line item will correctly check for the Lot Number validation from that source location rather than the location of the product on the Delivery Ticket.
  • FTM-1900 / Ship To AddedShip To is now available on Outbound tickets. Defaulting of Ship To addresses is the same as in Accounting / Delivery Tickets. Save of these tickets follows the Location Preference to require a Ship To.
  • FTM-2254 / Selecting EDN on Tablet – The Warehouse app works as expected when attempting to select an EDN when adding an Inbound Ticket on an iPad or Android tablet.
  • FTM-2292 / Outbound Ticket Federal Permit – Adding an Outbound ticket for a customer who has a primary Ship To address with no default federal permit works as expected.
  • FTM-2193 / Delivery Tickets – Delivery Tickets can be posted with multiple lines of the same product with different Lot Numbers as expected.
  • FTM-2330 / Selecting Favorited Locations – Selecting a favorite location works as expectedUninstall and reinstall the Warehouse app and enter the API database ID in the About section.
  • FTM-2319 / Outbound Ticket – Outbound tickets added on a tablet works as expected.
  • FTM-1103 / Delivery Ticket Ordered Time – When creating a Delivery Ticket in Warehouse, the time zone of the location is used for the Ordered time. 
  • FTM-2358 / Searching Customers – Selecting a customer from a search in an outbound transaction works as expected.